Trill Sammy Net Worth

March 16, 2023
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Trill Sammy was born on 30 November 1997, in Houston, Texas USA, and is best known as a rapper who has released the single entitled ‘’Wholesale’’. Trill Sammy is signed with INDEPENDENT record label.

So just how rich is Trill Sammy? According to authoritative sources, this rapper has net worth of over $300,000, but reportedly makes around $100,000 on a yearly basis so it’s likely to rise. His wealth is accumulated from his career in the mentioned field, and in addition to that, a portion of his income comes from his merchandise that is sold on his website, and thus his fans are able to buy hoodies and shirts with his logo.

Trill Sammy Net Worth $300,000

Sammy was reportedly interested in music from a early age, however, he didn’t get any education on that topic, and is actually a self-taught rapper. His parents were firstly doubtful about his career in the music field, however, he is still really close to his mother. Sammy started  off by creating his own music during high school, and his songs ended up spreading on the social media later on. He posted the recording of his freestyle with Born Stunna, entitled ‘’Netflix and Chill’’ after a popular phrase, and started gaining more attention and recognition. His style was recognized to be similar to Migos and Lil Uzi Vert, and Trill Sammy eventually had his big breakthrough in 2015, when he collaborated with Dice Soho and the result of their work was the song entitled ‘’Just Watch’’.

As of 2016, this Texas native released the album entitled ‘’Red Album’’ by INDEPENDENT, and featured nine songs such as ‘’Wat We Want’’ and ‘’Rick Ross’’.In addition, the previously mentioned album received attention as it featured one of the most prominent names from the hip hop world, Soulja Boy, on the track entitled ‘’Trappin’’. Other important names from the business appeared on the album as well, most notably Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz. Trill Sammy followed this success by releasing the EP entitled ‘’Trappin’ EP’’, that featured some of his most popular songs as of today, such as ‘’Uber Everywhere’’ and ‘’Martin’’, adding steadily to his net worth.

As of the most recent past, Sammy has had a lot on his plate during 2017, working on three projects. In the early 2017, he collaborated with Blake on ‘’Big Homie’’, and after that with Dice Soho, Khalil and Ca$h, creating the song ‘’Hype Beast’’. Last but not least, he was featured on ‘’Blue Faces’’ of Lil A, alongside Willie P. When it comes to his latest projects, Trill Sammy released yet another single in December 2017, entitled ‘’VVS’’ and made a video for ‘’YSL’’.

When it comes to his private life, Trill Sammy shares a lot of information through his social media accounts and is active on websites such as Twitter and Instagram, having more than 277,000 followers on the former and a million on the latter. However, he doesn’t share much information about his love life, although at just 20 he is reportedly in a relationship.

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