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April 9, 2023
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Sharlto Copley was born on the 27th November 1973, in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is an actor, probably best recognized for starring in the role of Wikus Van De Merwe in the film “District 9”, playing King Stefan in the film “Maleficent”, and as Christian Walker in the TV series “Powers”. He is also known as a director and producer, during his career which has been active since 2005.

 So, have you ever wondered how rich Sharlto Copley is, as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the total size of Sharlto’s net worth is over $15 million, accumulated through his successful involvement in the film industry.

Sharlto Copley Net Worth $15 Million


Sharlto Copley spent his childhood with a brother in his hometown, where they was raised by their father, Doctor Bruce Copley, a retired university professor, and mother Linda Stocks; his brother is Donovan Copley, who is known as the lead singer of Hot Water. He went to St. Andrew’s Preparatory School in Grahamstown, after which he attended Redhill School in Morningside, Johannesburg. However, he left high school to pursue his career in design and 3D animation, so he worked for a while alongside director Neill Blomkamp at his production company, so establishing his net worth.

Speaking about Sharlto’s acting career, it began when he made his debut appearance in the short video “Alive In Joburg” in 2005, however, his breakthrough didn’t come until 2009, when he starred in the role of Wikus Van De Merwe in the film “District 9”, directed by Neill Blomkamp, for which he won two IGN Movie Awards in the same year, and was nominated for such awards as a Golden Schmoes Award, Scream Award, MTV Movie Award and Teen Choice Award, among many others, potentially adding a considerable amount to his net worth. In the following year, he featured as Murdock in the film entitled “The A-Team”, starring alongside Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson.

Sharlto’s next major roles came in 2013, when he was chosen to portray James Corrigan in the film “Europa Report”, playing Kruger in the film “Elysium” and as Adrian in the film “Old Boy”. During the following year, he featured as King Stefan in the film entitled “Maleficent”, starring along with Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning, after which he provided the voice to the title role in the 2015 film “Chappie” and starred in the role of Jimmy in Ilya Naishuller’s film “Hardcore Henry” (2015). During the same year, he was selected to play Christian Walker in the TV series “Powers”, which lasted for a year. All of these roles increased his net worth by a large margin.

To speak further about his career, Sharlto starred in the role of Ron Hollar in the film “The Hollars” and was cast as Vernon in the film “Free Fire”, both in 2016. Most recently, he featured as Mitch Rusk in the film entitled “Gringo” (2018), so his net worth is certainly rising.

Additional to his career as an actor, Sharlto has worked as a director and producer on such projects as the short video “Alive In Joburg” (2005), another short video entitled “Wikus And Charlize” (2010) and “Hardcore Henry” (2015), all of which also contributed to his wealth.

Regarding to his personal life, Sharlto Copley has been married to actress and supermodel Tanit Phoenix Copley since 2016; the couple has a daughter together. They divide their time between their residences in Hollywood, California and Cape Town, South Africa.

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