Top TikTok Mom Account with the Most Reports – What’s Wrong With Alex Babii97?

June 13, 2024
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Social media has let us see the best and the worst sides of people. Specifically, TikTok has done wonders to bring people overnight popularity with rapidity which is rarely seen on other platforms, meaning that everyone can get a taste of fame for the most unexpected, and sometimes even bizarre reasons.

When it comes to the user known as AlexBabii97, things get a little darker than normal. The account has become known for its main star Alexandra, a mother of three children who infamously feeds her children with low-nutritional food, attrating all types of negative and mocking comments because of it.

So what’s wrong with the TikTok user AlexBabii97? What is going on behind the scenes and how far has she gone with her controversial content? Keep watching and find out!


Who Is AlexBabii97?

Alexandra Sabol, better known as Alexbabii97, is a TikTok video creator famous for her videos documenting her life. However, she has gained the most popularity for her videos serving food to her kids, which show large amounts of fried and highly sugary food, on top of showing her house in poor hygienic conditions, awakening waves of negative comments directed at her parenting methods.

Alexandra doesn’t pay too much attention to the criticism though, describing herself as a ‘cool mom’. Her kids are all minors, with the youngest being barely over one year old in early 2024.

Despite the backlash over her content, Alexbabii97’s following is split between supporters, detractors, and curious people. She now has over 300,000 followers on TikTok and numbers only keep growing, though the controversy about her content has extended beyond the short-video platform, and is now often discussed on sites such as Reddit, and featured by massive news outlets.

What’s Wrong With AlexBabii97?

The parenting methods of Alexandra Sabol have been widely discussed by her audience, as not everyone is happy about the way she manages her life and her kids’ nutrition.

While it’s not rare to find negative comments in Alexandra’s videos, there’s a part of her audience offering well-intentioned advice on how to make nutritional meals for her kids. Because she’s shared videos showing the groceries she gets from food banks, some followers also tell her how to save money on food, and other necessities.

Nonetheless, this advice doesn’t seem to be heard by Alexandra, who not only continues to feed her kids mostly fried and sugary foods, but also doesn’t improve the hygienic conditions of her house, with more criticism in response.

On top of that, most of the meals she feeds her kids come directly from the package, with Alexandra telling her viewers about having not enough time to cook other meals. Alexandra’s usual process of serving meals to her kids consists of just putting the food on the plates, with the most elaborate meals being meat or chicken she fries in front of the camera.


Most of the criticism directed at Alexbabii97 is focused on her parenting methods. In most of the videos she shares on TikTok, she’s seen feeding her kids food which could easily be regarded as unhealthy. Fruits and vegetables are rarely seen in the short videos Alexandra shares, instead, donuts, fries, chicken nuggets, and other low-nutritional foods are consumed by her kids.

The poor hygiene of her house is also a big concern for her followers. In her videos, her toddler is mostly seen watching TV or playing on the couch, where she also eats. As reported by Mirror UK, Alexandra herself has admitted that her couch needs a deep cleaning, though it’s unclear how often this happens. As well, Reddit users have pointed out that they have seen bugs and feces in her house, on top of criticizing her for not paying enough attention to her children.

Another common topic for Alexandra’s detractors is her romantic life. She’s in a polyamorous relationship with a woman named Dana and a man named James, yet the main complaint is the allegedly inappropriate behavior of her partners when they’re in the house, according to Reddit users.

How Does She Make Money?

As far as Alexandra Sabol has revealed, she doesn’t have a stable job and gets income only from her TikTok videos. Although it’s hard to estimate how much money Alexandra earns, the lack of sponsorships and partnerships with brands is evident in her videos.

While Alexandra is also a book author, the truth is that income from this side hustle is possibly not high. The book entitled “Adventuring With Analise” is the only one available online, but it has lots of negative reviews on online shopping sites, despite its low price. The book review site Goodreads also shows very poor reviews for her book.

With that being said, Alexandra has been criticized for not managing her money well. Despite posting wish lists for her groceries and other necessities, Alexandra has also posted videos showing how she spends hundreds of dollars on her hobbies.


Backlash & Defense

The comment section of Alexbabii97’s TikTok videos is usually filled with negative comments, most of which are ironic or straight out rude. The hate towards her content has extended to other social media platforms, on which communities such as AlexandraSabolSnarkk gather over 4,000 users, who negatively comment about her life’s situation.

Nonetheless, not everyone on the internet hates Alexandra. While the number of positive comments in her videos is small, in January 2024 the news site Today posted an article analyzing the massive backlash received by Alexandra, describing it as ‘mom-shaming’.

In this article, Alexandra defended herself and her parenting methods, saying that the idea for her TikTok came from seeing other content creators on the platform who feed their kids ‘organic food’ and had ‘pristine kitchens’, feeling it within herself to change the game by creating videos relatable to women who followed similar parenting methods as her.

As well, Alexandra affirms that the attitude towards her content stems from hypocrisy, affirming that other mothers feed their kids similar food as she does, but weren’t as criticized due to their slim figures. Nonetheless, Alexandra also affirms that she gets encouragement from positive comments from other moms who identify with her parenting style.

All in all, it’s unsurprising that Alexandra’s content has gained so many detractors, but there are always two sides of the coin when it comes to these things.

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