Todd Hoffman Net Worth

January 25, 2024
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American television personality and businessman Todd Hoffman was born on 1 January 1970, in Sandy, Oregon, and is perhaps best known for appearing in the show called “Gold Rush”, which started airing in 2010 and continues until now, becoming one of the highest profile shows of the Discovery Channel, with both Todd and the show gaining many fans around the world.

So just how rich is Todd Hoffman, as of early 2017? It is estimated by celebrity dot money that Todd’s net worth is over 400,000 dollars, the main source of his wealth coming from his business activities and his appearances in “Gold Rush”. As Todd invested quite a lot of money when he started his business, his current net worth might not seem very high, but he has a good chance of gaining more.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth $400,000

While Todd Hoffman was still attending college, he started his own aviation business, and this was the time when he started making money. At the same time, his father Jack started in the gold mining business, which at first was very successful. Todd’s aviation business collapsed, so noting what his father was doing, Todd spent what money he had to buy equipment and hired his friends to start his own gold mining business, meaning that Todd had to move to Alaska. It was the right choice as gold worth more than 20 million dollars was mined.

So Todd had another idea, proposing to show their adventure in a television show, and so the “Gold Rush” series was created, which portrays their journey from the beginning, depicting their struggles as well as successes. Recently it became one of the main sources of Todd Hoffman’s net worth, and the show is still airing, in several countries, as it has received considerable acclaim and become very popular. Hence Todd’s bank account may benefit to some degree.

To talk about his personal life, Todd Hoffman is married to Shauna, and they have two children.

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