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August 22, 2023
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Tommy Ronald Shaw is a Montgomery, Alabama-born American musician best known known for being a member of the rock band named “Styx”. Noted for being a popular guitarist, songwriter and performer, Tommy is also famous as a solo singer. Born on 11 September 1953, he has been active on the American music industry since 1975.

One of the most sought after guitarists and a popular musician, how rich is Tommy Shaw? As of 2015 Shaw’s wealth has been estimated at a decent amount of $15 million. Clearly, all of his riches have been amassed by his ever successful musical career which has been helping him earn millions for a full four decades.

Tommy Shaw Net Worth $15 Million

Raised in Alabama, Tommy was inclined towards music from an early age. Even before graduating from his high school, he started playing guitar for different local bands in his locality. As he graduated from Robert E. Lee High School, Tommy directed his aim towards a musical career and joined a band named “The Smoke Ring”. While he was working for this band, he was noticed by the rock band “Styx” which was a pivotal point in Tommy’s career, as he subsequently found fame being a guitarist as well as a vocalist for Styx which also provided him with a chance to prosper as a musician and add steadily to his net worth.

Tommy’s entry into the band Styx went on to give a boost to their fame as they released their first platinum-certified album “The Grand Illusion”. The album also included songs that Tommy had written, such as “Fooling Yourself”, but Tommy’s songwriting talent found fame mostly from the band’s next album “Pieces of Eight”. Following Shaw’s entry, Styx became one of the leading bands in America, as well as selling millions of albums worldwide. The band released a number of albums including “Paradise Theatre”, “Kilroy Was Here”, “Cornerstone” and many more. Obviously, his work with this band has added heavily to Tommy’s net worth.

Due to some internal dissatisfaction among the band members, Styx eventually disbanded in late 80s. This encouraged Tommy to start a new band called “Damn Yankees”, which also managed to find some commercial success. However, during the mid-90s this band also went on hiatus, eventually disbanding formally in 2001, after which Tommy again worked to revive Styx, and later they released more albums including “Brave New World”, “Clycorama” and “Big Bang Theory”.

Tommy also joined intermittently with Jack Blades in a duo – Shaw Blades – releasing the album “Hallucinations” in 1995, and being part of several collaboration albums over the next 15 years, all of which contributed to Shaw’s net worth.

Meanwhile, Tommy wasn’t wasting any time, also progressing his solo music career on the side, releasing around six albums which have also served as a source of his wealth. His solo albums include “Girls With Guns”, “What If”, “Ambition”, “The Great Divide” and others.

As for his personal life, Tommy married Jeanne Mason in 2000. Shaw has a daughter from his previous marriage with actress Pamela Donnelly(1986-93).

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