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January 28, 2023
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Alexander Arthur Van Halen was born on the 8th May 1953 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He is best known around the world for being the co-founder of Van Halen, one of the most successful American hard rock bands, in which he is the drummer. He is also recognized as an ordained minister. He has been an active member of the entertainment industry since the mid- 1970s.

Have you ever wondered how rich Alex Van Halen is? According to sources, it is estimated that Alex’s overall net worth is over $75 million, an amount acquired through his career in the music industry, during which he has released a number of albums with his band. Another source is coming from his job as an ordained minister.

Alex Van Halen Net Worth $75 Million

Alex Van Halen is the son of Jan and Eugenia Van Halen. His father was a jazz musician – he played the clarinet and the saxophone. Alex and brother Eddie spent their childhood in the Netherlands until 1962, when they moved to Pasadena, California with their parents. There Alex attended the Pasadena High School until 1971, during which time under the influence of their parents, both brothers learnt to play the piano. Alex then became a student of music at the Pasadena City College, but didn’t graduated because he met there David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony, so they decided to quit education to form the band called Mammoth.

Mammoth consisted of Eddie, Alex, and Mark Stone; Eddie firstly took microphone in his hands, but later switched to guitar, when David Lee Roth joined the band on vocals. Two years later, in 1974, the band was forced to change their name, as the name Mammoth already existed, and on Lee Roth’s initiation the band assumed the name Van Halen. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 1978, which proved to be a huge accomplishment, as it was eventually certified diamond. The album contains songs such as “Runnin With The Devil” and “Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love”, which soon became the hallmarks of the band.

So far, the band has released 12 albums, which became the main source of Alex’s net worth. Some of the albums include “Van Halen II” (1979), which sold over five million copies, and featured songs such as “Danced The Night Away”, and “Beautiful Girls”, in 1980, the band released their fourth album, entitled “Women And Children First”, and the next year released “Fair Warning” (1981), followed by “5150” (1986), “Balance” (1995), and “Van Halen III” (1998)

In 1998 the band went on a hiatus, which lasted until 2003 when they decided to return, and since the reunion, has released their twelfth album, entitled “A Different Kind Of Truth” in 2012.

Overall, the band has sold more than 80 million copies around the world.

If to talk about his personal life, Alex Van Halen has been married three times. He married Valeri Kendall in 1983 and they divorced only two months later. His second wife was Kelly Carter, with whom he welcomed his first son, Aric Van Halen, in 1989. The couple were married from 1983-96. He has one more son, Malcolm Van Halen, with his third wife Stine Schyberg (m. 2000). As an ordained minister, Alex presided at the wedding of his brother Eddie. Free time he spends posting on the website of his band, where we can found information about their tours and upcoming events.

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