Jada Pinkett Smith Net Worth

July 14, 2023
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Jada Pinkett, also known as Jada Koren Pinkett and Wicked Wisdom is a famous American actress, singer-songwriter, TV and film producer, voice actress and businesswoman who has managed to amass an estimated net worth as high as $20 million. She is best known for her appearances in movies “A Different World”, “The Nutty Professor”, “Set It off” and “Menace II Society”. She is also known as a person who makes many political donations, especially for Obama for America, for DNC Services Corp, Obama Victory funds and many others. In total Jada Pinkett has donated more than $200,000 to different political needs since year 2007.

Jada Pinkett Smith Net Worth $20 Million

Jada Koren Pinkett was born on September 18, 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland, US. Pinkett graduated from the Baltimore School for the Arts, where she studied theater and different types of dance. She attended the school  together with Tupac Shakur, who later also became a star in show business as a famous rapper.

J. K. Pinkett began her career as a 19 year-old in 1990.  Jada made her debut and her first step to increase her net worth as a guest in the sitcom “True Colors”. Soon after Jada appeared in several works on screen: “A Different World” created by Bill Cosby, and “The Nutty Professor” released in 1996, directed by Tom Shadyac, where Jada performed as Carla Purty. Furthermore, for many children and even adults Jada is also known as a vice actress of Gloria in the “Madagascar” series aired since year 2005.

Of course, her big break in acting, which increased Jada Pinkett’s net worth, was definitely “A Different World”. Since then the career of star Jada Pinkett began as she appeared in many movies of different genres, and in 1997 married former musician Will Smith. One year after their son Jaden Smith was born. A few years later  Willow Smith was born.

For her hard work and talented acting Jada  was nominated many times for numerous different awards and won many of them. She won a Teen Choice Awards as a movie actress in the drama/action adventure movie entitled “The Matrix Reloaded”, and one year after she became the best outstanding supporting actress in “The Matrix Revolution”, receiving another award from Image Award.

To better know about how rich is Jada Pinkett, we should take a look at the property that Jada’s net worth let her buy. She owns an amazing home located in Malibu Mountains, California. This house was valued at $7.5 million because of its perfect location in mountains around so much free space which the actress can enjoy just whenever she wants. Talking about autos which Jada owns, she can usually be seen riding her great Can-Am Roadster which suits her perfectly, as Jada is also known as the hard rock and nu-metal band “Wicked Wisdom” lead vocalist. But when she needs to travel longer distances, she choosesthe  Lincoln Navigator which she was able to buy due to Jada Pinkett’s net worth.

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