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April 18, 2024
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Thomas Matthew DeLonge, Jr., also known as Tom DeLonge was born on 13th December 13, 1975, in Poway, California. He is a musician, an entrepreneur and a children’s author, and became famous singing with Blink-182, an American rock band in which he was the leading bassist and singer. In the last 10 years, Tom has been performing with the band Angels & Airwaves, as guitarist and lead vocalist.

So just how rich is Tom DeLonge? Tom’s net worth is estimated $60 million, after it has been told that his annual income goes over $6.5 million. His money comes from music, writing and mainly business. In 1999, Tom DeLonge and his friend Jon Humphrey founded Really Likeable People, Inc, a company with$60 million annual revenue. In 2002, inside this project, Tom founded Macbeth Footwear, a company which started as a footwear line and has been continuously expanding; such that now includes lifestyle products, apparel, accessories and even vegan products. The singer is also the owner of Modlife, a platform launched in 2007 which helps artists to make more money by selling their products. Besides business, Tom DeLonge made money from music. He is a platinum selling musician, who sold more than 35 million albums with Blink-182 and had a great success with his band Angels & Airwaves. Sources estimate that music has brought the singer at least $1.5 million. Media was writing in 2008 that Tom was also known for his real-estate transactions, made especially in San Diego County.

Tom DeLonge Net Worth $60 Million

Tom DeLonge started skateboarding when he was in the third grade and about three years after this he also discovered his passion for playing the guitar. He spent his school years focusing on these two things. In 1992, he formed Blink-182, the band with which he became famous, performing mostly in the USA, Canada and Australia. After 1997, the bad became very popular, this being the time when hits like “What’s My Age Again?”, “All the Small Things”, and “Adam’s Song” were launched. Until 2005, the band has released five albums, from which four were certificated gold and platinum. In 2005, after Blink-182 break up, Tom DeLonge formed a new band, called Angels & Airwaves, which released five albums. In 2009, the Blink-182 reunited for a short time; they released other two successful albums and went on a national tour. Now, Tom is performing with Angels & Airwaves. They have released a new album, called “The Dream Walker” in 2014. In 2015, Tom released a solo album called “To the Stars”.

Besides music, Tom DeLonge has been involved in developing his businesses, all part of the Really Likeable People, Inc. His projects include activities in fields like technology, design, online, music and lifestyle, all being the main source of his net worth. In 2011, he started an online project, “Strange Times”, a website dedicated to paranormal and theories about extraterrestrials.

In 2013, DeLonge’s book, “The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve” was published. It is a story for children, which determined the artist to get involved in helping children with no insurance to get health care.

Tom DeLonge is married to Jennifer Jenkins, his friend in high school. The couple married in 2001. They have two children, a boy and a girl.

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