Thomas Kramer Net Worth

July 15, 2023
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Thomas Kramer is mostly known for his investment in real estate, appearances on television and attempt to redevelop South Beach, Miami, Florida. What is more, Thomas is popular for his philanthropic actions. His charity events made him well known and respected in the society. Thomas Kramer is popular in America and in Europe as well, as to the European press he is known as a guy who married Catherine Burda, daughter of wealthy business family. How rich is Thomas Kramer? In fact Kramer’s net worth is 90 million bucks and it mostly comes from his success in real estate business. As Thomas is very good at what he is doing, there is a huge chance that Thomas Kramer’s net worth will grow bigger and bigger.

Thomas Kramer Net Worth $90 Million

Thomas was born in 1957, in Germany. Kramer’s father Willi Kramer was a stockbroker. After finishing Salem Boarding School, Thomas received a title of licensed broker in London. From his teen years Thomas was interested in stock trades and was quite good at it. Maybe that is why Kramer decided to do that in the future for a living. At first Thomas became a part of his father’s company, then in 1986 Thomas founded his own firm, titled TK Kapitalverwaltung GmbH. Kramer became even more famous after he was able to predict a stock downturn. Not to mention that it brought a lot of money to Kramer’s net worth. The received money was invested into real estate but some local businesses were against it. Despite this fact Kramer still was successful.

In 1990 Kramer started his career in Florida, he bought a lot of land there and paid a big sum of money, but he again received some criticism as there were many people who thought that Kramer will not be able to attract investors. Kramer proved them all wrong and again gained a lot of money from his success. Thomas was able to turn a dangerous area into a prestigious area for rich people. It can be seen that this investment not only made Kramer’s net worth bigger but also made the area more safe and friendly.

Another project which should have added up to Thomas Kramer’s net worth was his investment in Pakistan, where he and Malik Riaz agreed to build first Island City. Unfortunately this project failed as Kramer was not able to raise enough funds. Despite this fact, Kramer is still successful in real estate business and also in well known for his philanthropic actions. Thomas even has his own foundation called Thomas Kramer Foundation, also Thomas organizes a lot of charity events, which usually take place in his own mansion. Maybe this doesn’t add a lot to Thomas Kramer’s net worth but it proves that Thomas is not selfish and wants to help others. Not so long ago Thomas could be seen at such popular TV shows as The Real Housewives of Miami and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where he was represented as Kim Zolciak’s best friend. It is clear that Thomas’s net worth will become even higher as he is one of the most successful people in the real estate industry.

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