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February 24, 2023
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Shakir Stewart was born on 12 April 1974 in Oakland, California USA, and was best known as an executive of companies such as Def Jam and Island Def Jam.

So just how rich was Shakir Stewart? Authoritative sources report that Stewart’s net worth was as high as $50 million, accumulated from his career in the music industry which began in the ‘90s. In addition to being a producer, he was in charge of songs’ management as well.

Shakir Stewart Net Worth $50 million

He graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta and went on to establish a small studio with a couple of friends, which recruited local artists and had big plans ahead of them. Shakir’s skills were recognized by Anthony Reid, who was establishing Hitco Music Publishing, and Reid is said to have recognized talent in Stewart and recruit him into the team, who took the position of an intern-level creative person. He saw Stewart as someone with ‘’ a finger on the pulse of the next generation of hot producers in the Atlanta music scene’’. ‘’Hitco Music Publishing’’ had successful deals with singers such as Beyonce and Ciara during the early 2000s, and Stewart was a big influence in the making of those deals, so his net worth was well established.

He remained in the previously mentioned publishing company until 2004 when he took a job of the vice president – and subsequently became the senior vice president – of artists and repertoire for Def Jam. In the same year, he worked in the management of Usher’s album ‘’Confessions’’. Subsequently, Shakir established partnerships with Young Jeezy and Rick Ross during this period of time, and in 2005 he worked on the production of Young Jeezy’s ‘’Young Jeezy ‎– Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101’’ album, which was critically acclaimed and well received by the fans. As of the same year, he produced ‘’Pleasure & Pain’’ for the hip hop band One Twelve, which also received positive reviews scoring four out of five stars on Discogs. He worked with Young Jeezy in the following year again, this time the result of their collaboration wasthe album entitled ‘’Inspiration’’, and the reception was again positive and it eventually scored four and a half out of five stars on Amazon Music.

As of 2008, he became the Executive Vice President of Def Jam, replacing Jay-Z. He was in charge of discovering new talented artists, but also in realizing artistic projects for the team. Stewart produced an album for DJ Khaled, and subsequently Shakir’s paths crossed with Young Jeezy again, when Shakir produced ‘’Recession’’ for him, another internationally successful album which reached first place on Billboard’s 200 in the US. In addition to that, music experts were fond of it and it received four and a half stars on Amazon Music.

In his personal life, Stewart was engaged to Michelle Rivers at the time he committed suicide on 1 November 2008. His fiancée and family gave a statement about his death to the media; allegedly, Stewart was in a lot of pain days before his death. He was a father to two children.

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