Satya Nadella Net Worth

June 27, 2023
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Satya Nadella was born on 19 August 1967 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India. Nowadays, his name is familiar to every computer gig worldwide, as he is the chef executive officer of Microsoft Corporation. He is also an electrical engineer with an inspiring experience in working with cloud computing systems, as well as developing computing platforms. The revenues of Nadella are as impressive as his career curriculum.

So just how rich is Satya Nadella? According to recent estimations, the overall amount of his net worth exceeds $64 million, with his wealth having been accumulated mainly from his actual salaries, bonuses, awards and shares owned in Microsoft and Riverbed Technology Inc.

Satya Nadella Net Worth $64 Million

Born in a family representing one of the ethnic groups of India, called Telugu, Satya was raised in Hyderabad. His farther was one of the officers of the Indian Administrative Service. After finishing at public school in his hometown, Nadella went for a Bachelor’s degree in engineering in the Manipal University of India. By that time he knew that he wanted to operate in the computer science industry, which is why he decided to move to the United States. He first obtained MS in Computer Science at Wisconsin University, then moved forward and completed an MBA at Booth School of Business in Chicago.

Great education was definitely a solid background for starting his career for Satya Nadella. Straight after finishing his studies, Nadella started working with Sun Microsystems, where he was among other technology group members. It was a brief preparation before his big jump in 1992 when he joined Microsoft.

It is fair enough to say that Nadella’s career at Microsoft has historical importance, as he was responsible for leading the company to cloud infrastructure, an absolute boom in the world of technology. The revenues of Microsoft grew up by $3.7 billion thanks to cloud services developed and led by Satya Nadella. His positions in the company were always among executive ones, so it was only a matter of time before he arrived at the top. Of course, all this time his net worth was growing too.

It was on 4 February 2014 when Satya Nadella became the new chief executive officer of a world-renowned company. He followed in the steps of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s preceding executives. To make it clear that Nadella is as influential and successful in his career as it sounds, it is important to mention that he is ranked 64 on the list of the world’s most powerful people of the year 2014 according to Forbes magazine.

Being 48 years old only, Satya has managed to build an impressive list of career achievements, which is the main reason for his revenues to exceed all the tabloids. His net worth is a subject to grow, as he successfully continues to help Microsoft moving forward.

In his personal life, Satya Nadella married his wife Anupama in 1992; they have three children and live in Washington State, USA. Satya is a passionate fan of cricket, one of the most popular games in India. He often mentions that he gained his leadership skills as well as effective team management abilities thanks to his long-term experience playing in school cricket teams.

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