The World’s Most Beautiful Weather Girls

March 21, 2024
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When you think about meteorologists, your mind probably jumps to a man with glasses in front of a green screen. Well, there are women in the field who prove this stereotype wrong! Not only are they smart and professional, they are also gorgeous, as many media outlets have called them. Let’s see the most beautiful weather girls!

Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is a Mexican TV host, model, TV presenter, certified fitness coach and Instagram star, who gained worldwide popularity as a weather presenter on Televisa Monterey. She has been labeled as one of the hottest weather fairies, because of her beautiful, curvaceous body.

Yanet was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and from a young age, she was interested in fashion, lifestyle and entertainment.  She began her career at 15, trying her luck as a model, and later participating in the modeling contest Nuevo Leon. She is believed to have graduated from Mexico International in 2016, with a degree in Modeling, Virtual Entertainment, and Simulation.

Yanet initially gained popularity after Playboy Magazine nominated her as one of the “Hottest Weather Girls.” Subsequently, she was featured in numerous other publications, and appeared in two TV movies. Yanet is very popular on social media too, especially on Instagram, on which she has nearly 15 million followers, and has a very loyal fan base on the platform – Only Fans.

Regarding her personal life, she previously dated Lewis Howes and Dr. Mike Varshavski, but it’s believed that she’s currently single.

Ximena Cordoba

Ximena is an actress, model, and TV presenter, born in Medellin, Columbia, who rose to prominence hosting TNT and “Despierta America” on Univision. Ximena later became famous for her appearances in the reality show “Protagonistas De Novela,” which paved the path for her career as a TV presenter. Nothing is known about her education.

Talking of her career as an actress, Ximena appeared in several shows and movies, including “Francisco el Matematico,” “Tomalo Suave,” and “Tony Tango.” She is popular on social media too – her Instagram has over two million followers, while on TikTok, she has over 176,000 fans.

She was previously married to Carlos Rojas for 12 years, whom she divorced in 2017; she’s currently single.

Sheena Parveen

Sheena Parveen is an American TV presenter and meteorologist, who gained popularity appearing on NBC 10. Sheena is of mixed ethnicity, as her father is from India, while her mother is from the US; she was born in India on 23 September 1987. From a young age, she was very active and sporting, which explains why she was very invested in sports during high school, such as volleyball and football. She was raised in Florida, where she attended Florida State University, graduating with a degree in meteorology, following which she received an offer to intern at Tallahassee News.


During her career, she has worked for various stations such as WTVT, and even launched and hosted some of her shows, such as “Pet Adoption.” She is currently working as a weather anchor on NBC’s San Diego Weather.

An avid dog lover, Sheena, has been rumored to have dated several celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and William Green, and is currently in a relationship with Canadian ice-hockey player Scott Harnell.

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft is another recognizable face with a career as a TV reporter, anchor and meteorologist, born in San Francisco, California on 24 August 1984. Not much is known about her parents except that they were Jewish and immigrated to the US from Russia. Ever since she was a young girl, Evelyn dreamt of being a presenter, and when she was 16, she launched her own show. She graduated with a Broadcast Journalism and Political Science degree from the University of Southern California, and later received her Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State.

Evelyn has worked on TV stations such as KCOY and KRON 4 channel. In addition to her great looks, Evelyn is one of those hard-working anchors who received a Golden Mike Award for Best Weather Segment. She is currently working as a weather reporter on KCAL 9 with Stephanie Simmons, Rick Garcia, and Sharon Tay.

A passionate traveler, since 1911 Evelyn has been happily married to Ross Resnick, with whom she’s welcomed two children.

Carolina Ramirez

Described by Daily Choices as a bubbly brunette, Carolina Ramirez works as a weather presenter on “Despierta America” in Miami. Before becoming a TV presenter, host and actress, Carolina participated in numerous pageants, and in 2010 gained popularity through appearing in the reality series “Nuestra Belleza Latina.”

During her lengthy career, she’s amassed a huge fan base; she is very active on Instagram, on which she has nearly 60,000 followers. Talking of her romantic life, she has been married to the Argentinian businessman Diego Ramirez since 2010.

She’s often mistaken for the actress Carolina Ramirez, who’s been appearing in telenovelas since 2002.


Indra Petersons

Indra Petersons was born on 2 June 1980, in Los Angeles, California of Latvian descent. Indra, matriculated from La Canada High School in La Canada High School Flintridge, California, then relocated to Arizona, where she enrolled at the University of Arizona. In 2002 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Physics and minored in math and business. She has been working in the field of broadcasting since then, initially hired as a meteorologist at KVIA in El Paso, Texas.

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Indra has worked for various stations and channels, such as KEYT and KABC. She’s probably best known as the weather forecaster on CNN’s News Room, and currently works for NBC News hosting the “Today” show and “Nightly News.”

In 2013 she married Jake Wood, a former the US Marine Corps Scout Sniper. Indra has her official website, on which her fans can follow her adventures as she travels across the globe.

Leticia Castro

Leticia Castro is a model, actress and weather anchor, who initially gained popularity for participating in various pageants. She was born on 17 October 1988, in California to Mexican parents but grew up in Las Vegas.

In 2008, she appeared on the show “Nuestra Belleza Latina,” which catapulted her into stardom. The bilingual Leticia has worked as a weather presenter on various stations, including ABC Sacramento, Telemundo, and Univision.

In 2010, she launched her YouTube channel Leticia Castro LC, which features travel, make-up, and fashion. In addition, she is very active on Instagram, boasting nearly 50,000 followers. She’s also dabbled in acting, appearing in the “Melodia de Amor” web series.

In 2013, she married Alain Prince, with whom she’s welcomed a son named Antoine. She is currently working as a news anchor on Telemundo Las Vegas.

Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill is another gorgeous and bilingual weather anchor, TV presenter, model and journalist. She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas but grew up in and out of Orange Grove and Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Like many weather presenters, Sonya began her career as a model, competing in beauty pageants. Interestingly, she achieved great success participating in the Swimsuit USA International and placed in the top 10 out of more than 50 women worldwide.

Reportedly, she attended Del Mar College and Texas A&M University. In addition to her numerous endeavors, she was a brand ambassadorship for Harley Davidson in her hometown. As Daily Choices dubbed her, the curvaceous beauty also worked as a fitness trainer. Sonya describes herself as a ‘home cook and dog lover.’ She is currently working as a news anchor on Action 10 and KRIS 6 News.

Raegan Medgie

Born 19 November 1981 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she was raised, Raegan is an award-winning newscaster who graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism. During her career, she’s served as a presenter and host on a number of programs and channels, including America’s Morning Headquarters and MSNBC News. She now works as a News Reporter, Anchor, and meteorologist at FOX 5 New York, reporting for “Good Day Wake Up” and “Good Day New York.”

Judging from her Instagram channel, which has 7,000 followers, she really likes her job, and often posts photos of herself working on the forecasts. In addition, she has a cup that reads ‘I’m cirrus about the weather.’

Even though she doesn’t like to share much of her personal life on social media, it’s known that she’s married to Jamie Monos.

Kait Parker

Kait Parker started her career as a meteorologist while still at the University of Missouri, when she landed an opportunity to fill in for a meteorologist on KOMU-TV in Columbia. Born on 22 May 1981 in Grapevine, Texas, where she was raised, Kait attributes her interest in science to her parents. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science in 2009, and received an offer to work as a midday and afternoon weather anchor on WAKA-TV in Montgomery, Alabama.

In addition, Kait is a certified meteorologist who has been seen anchoring various programs and apps, including, and filling in for Bob Marciano on “Good Morning America.” Kait is very devoted to her cause of educating people about climate change, and has even released a mini-documentary film about Lake Okeechobee and toxic blue-green algae.


Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez is another model-turned-anchor and actress who gained massive popularity reporting on forecasts and wearing tantalizingly tight outfits. Mexican-born Naile also made a name for herself, starring in several Mexican series such as “Como dice el Dicho” and “La Doble Vida de Estella Carrillo.” Naile worked as a model before becoming an anchor, most evident from her Instagram account, on which she often promotes various brands, apparel and swimwear.

Besides working as a weather anchor for ‘Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey,’ she launched a self-titled YouTube Channel, which features a variety of content ranging from travel vlogs to movie recommendations. She has visited most of the Europe, and prefers spending time in exotic places.

Naile is married to Raul Uriarte.

Lauren Sanchez

Lauren was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, into a second-generation Mexican-American family. Even if you’ve never seen any of Lauren’s weather reports, it’s most likely that you’ve heard her name in connection with the affluent Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. There was also a video of her talking to Leonardo DiCaprio, in which she seemed smitten by his presence, and which went viral on all social media platforms.

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Lauren has worked on numerous stations, serving as a ‘weathergirl’, entertainment reporter and news anchor; some of the programs she’s appeared in and hosted include “The View,” “Good Day LA,” and Fox 11 Ten O’clock News.

Multi-talented actress and journalist Lauren was featured in People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” issue.

She was previously married to the American businessman Patrick Whitesell with whom she welcomed two children. Since 2019, she’s been known to the public as Bezos’ girlfriend.


Chita Craft

Chita Craft was born in Alta Loma, California, and grew up around Southern California. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science, she kicked off her career at KRCR, and later twice earned the title of ‘Best Media Personality’. She is currently working as a full-time meteorologist on KHOU 11’s “News This Morning.”

Talking of her personal life, she is married to Les Craft, whom she met in Houston. In 2019 she gave birth to a girl they named Chita, pronounced ‘cheetah’; that name has been given to five generations of women in her family.

Janice Villagran

Named by the media outlets as one of the sexiest female weather girls in Latin America, Janice Villagran is a TV host, weather anchor, and entrepreneur who works on Estrella TV, additionally occasionally serving as a presenter for various shows and live events. Raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she was born on 21 May 1967, Janice earned her degree in Communications and then kicked-off her career on screen. Janice is best known for her curvy physique, and the tight dresses she wears while delivering forecasts.

She is very popular on Instagram, on which she has over 200,000 followers, and is often involved in brand deals and sponsorships.

Talking of her romantic life, the 55-year-old presenter is currently single. She has a three-year-old son, who is often featured on her Instagram; she was in a long-term relationship and even became engaged to a mystery man, but they broke off the engagement a couple of months before the wedding.

This was our pick of the most beautiful weather girls who continue to grace our screens, and transformed weather forecasts by breaking the stereotypes. Which one do you like best?

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