The Life and Legacy of DThang, Lil Durk’s Brother

March 22, 2024
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Who was Dthang?

The late American rapper Dontay Banks Jr. – aka Dthang – was born in Chicago, Illinois USA, on 15 September 1988, so Virgo was his zodiac sign. He was perhaps known best for his YouTube channel “Dthang Gz”, which was launched on 11 August 2020, and which still today numbers close to 140,000 subscribers; all of Dthang’s 11 videos combined number over 40 million views, and all feature him rapping.

Dthang was also known for having been an older brother of famous American rapper and singer-songwriter Durk Derrick Banks, aka Lil Durk.

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Education and early life

Dthang was raised in Chicago alongside his brother Lil Durk, by their father Dontay Banks Sr. and mother whose name hasn’t been disclosed, but who was a registered nurse. The boys’ father was incarcerated when Dthang was five years old, and the family often faced financial issues as there were times when they didn’t have food at home.

Both Dthang and his brother studied at Paul Robeson High School; Dthang matriculated in 2006, but Lil Durk dropped out after becoming a father at the age of 17. Dthang didn’t attend college.



Dthang only became interested in rapping when his brother became popular, and it remains unknown what he did to financially support himself upon completing his high school education; it’s widely believed that Dthang was involved in a number of illegal activities, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Most popular YouTube videos

Dthang’s YouTube channel is today run by his brother Lil Durk, and several of his music videos have been posthumously uploaded. We’re going to cover the three most popular videos found on Dthang’s channel, which serve the keep his memory alive.

His #1 video “Dthang X Bando – LIKE” was uploaded on 15 June 2021, nine days following his death, and has since been watched nearly eight million times; it’s a song about street gangs.

The second most popular video “DThang- Play It Back” has been watched over 6.6 million times since 1 June 2021, and is another song about the life of a gangster.

His #3 most viewed video – “DThang- Play It Back” – was uploaded on 8 September 2021, around three months after his death, and has since been watched close to six million times; it’s a song about life on the streets, girls and money.

Presence on social media networks

Dthang’s social media accounts can still be found on the internet, and these are also run by his brother Lil Durk. More than 320,000 people are following his Instagram account ‘Dthang Racks’, while 54 pictures and videos have been uploaded onto the account, most posthumously; nearly all of these are in one way or the other related to Dthang’s music, and some feature him together with Lil Durk.


A Twitter fan page for Dthang has just recently been launched, in January 2023, but no tweets have since been published; the account numbers 14 followers and it’s believed that it’s also run by Lil Durk, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Dthang was also active on Facebook, and mostly used the account to promote his music and YouTube channel, but didn’t allow his fans to befriend him on the social media network; his final update was on 1 April 2021, when he changed his profile picture and added the caption ‘I Told Her Don’t Fall In Love…’

Dthang also had a TikTok account, but we can’t really say that he was active on the network as he uploaded only a single video, which amassed nearly 15,000 likes; the account’s today followed by close to 23,000 people.


Dthang was shot and died on the spot in front of a nightclub in Chicago on 6 June 2021; his killers haven’t been caught to this day.

Prior to losing his brother, Lil Durk lost a number of friends and relatives: his cousin OTF Nunu was killed on 31 May 2014, his friend and manager OTF Chino Dolla murdered on 27 March 2015 and close friend King Von killed on 6 November 2020.


Love life and relationships

Dthang rarely spoke about his love life in public, but it’s widely known that he was a married man.

His wife was an American model and dancer, but her name hasn’t been disclosed; she can still be seen featured in some of Dthang’s old Instagram pictures, and the two seemed to be quite happy together. They had two daughters, whose names lso haven’t been revealed, and most of Dthang and Lil Durk’s fans believe that Lil Durk took it upon himself to provide for Dthang’s wife and children following his brother’s death.

Dthang didn’t speak about other women whom he had been with, he was married at the time of his death and had two daughters.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Lil Durk and his brother were quite close and often spent time together.

He enjoyed working out at the gym, and could’ve been found at his favorite gym in Los Angeles, California nearly every day.

Dthang’s favorite rapper was his brother, while he also enjoyed listening to Tupac, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.

He liked to upload pictures onto his Instagram account, which featured him showing off large stacks of money which he had earned.


Dthang was a fan of fast cars, and his favorite brand was Porsche.

He was into travelling and often toured together with his brother around the USA; it’s believed that Dthang never travelled overseas.

He was a huge fan of Hollywood, and his favorite actors were Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, while some of his favorite movies were “Bad Boys”, “Boomerang” and “Hammer, Slammer, & Slade”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Dthang was 32 years old at the time of his death, and would’ve been 34 today. His eyes were brown and he had black hair, he was 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall and weighed around 175lbs (80kgs).

Dthang’s net worth was estimated at over $800,000 at the time of his passing, while his brother Lil Durk’s net worth’s today estimated at more than $8 million.

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