Is Jenn Carter a girl? Her Age, Height, Career, Dating, Wiki

April 18, 2024
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Jenn Carter is a 20-year-old American rapper and social media personality, probably best known for her hip-hop songs “Everybody Shot,” “PARTY,” and “Fetty.”

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Early life

Jennifer “Jenn Carter” Oghenekevwe Akpofure was born on 26 March 2003 in Brooklyn, New York City USA. She is a girl, i.e., a biological female, and uses pronouns she and her, but dresses in unisex or typically male clothing. Jenn Carter was a tomboy growing up; her parents were strict, so she wanted to break many of their rules. She said that her sister also liked to dress distinctly and had a similar style.

Jenn Carter’s mom, a musician, raised her singlehandedly in Brooklyn; she’s of Nigerian descent and belongs to the Yoruba ethnic group. According to Wikipedia, of approximately 50 million Yoruba people in Africa, about 42.5 million comprise roughly 21% of Nigeria’s population.


Early education, source of career

Jenn Carter started performing music and writing lyrics at home at 11. Her early influences included jazz, blues, hip-hop, and folk genres. However, she quickly grew to like drill rap, a hip-hop or rap music sub-genre originating in Chicago, Illinois, US. Jenn Carter said that listening to rappers Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak, and singers Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye impacted her passion for the sub-genre.

On the Bootleg Kev podcast, Jenn Carter mentioned that she attended a school in Canarsie, Brooklyn. She also said that she returned to Africa for a month in the middle of one school year. Unfortunately, while Jenn Carter loved the trip, she never understood the urgency and was a month behind on her obligations.

Jenn Carter enrolled into college in New York City but said that pursuing a music career distracted her, so she convinced her mom to allow her to pause her studies, but plans to restart them someday.


Jenn Carter debuted in music in 2019 by releasing her “Broken” song on a few audio streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Encouraging feedback inspired her to release her second song, “PARTY,” in 2020. Jenn Carter also released her debut extended play (EP) album, “Weathered,” and was the featured artist on rapper Kota The Friend’s single “We Could Be” before the year ended.

The following year was even more successful, as she gained renown for her indie-pop performing style and soulful and meaningful lyrics. Her popularity increased when she collaborated with Kyle Richh and Mo Kartii on the song “Everybody Shot,” with Asian Doll on the “Asian Doll” track, and performed the “4Life Freestyle (On The Radar)” song with TaTa and Kyle Richh.


“Notti Bop” premiere

In October 2022, Jenn Carter attracted the attention of online music publications such as Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, and the YouTuber No Jumper with the release of Kyle Richh’s single, “Notti Bop,” on which she was featured alongside TaTa. At one point, it was the number one trending song on YouTube, initiating a TikTok trend of people dancing or lip-synching. Pitchfork noted that TikTok tags with variations of the song’s name attracted over 10 million individually; the most popular, Notti bop, had over 23 million views in early 2024. Notti Bop became an unofficial music genre afterwards, because Jenn Carter, Kyle Richh, and TaTa wanted to differentiate themselves from drill rappers.

They stated that it was inspired by the 14-year-old Ethan “Notti Osama” Reyes, whom they ‘dissed,’ i.e., described negatively in the song. According to Sportskeeda, Notti Osama cornered and attacked a 15-year-old unnamed rival in July 2022. He had a few friends and carried a broomstick, wanting to dominate the 15-year-old. However, the rival stabbed Notti Osama in desperation, and he died at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Jenn Carter, TaTa, and Kyle Richh were also involved in a feud with artist Sha EK. Jenn Carter later dismissed the importance, and Kyle Richh stated that he forgot why they butted heads. However, inspiration for “Notti Bop” started with that conflict; they dissed Sha EK, and Notti Osama dissed them in response, shortly before his death.

Creating 41

In 2023, Jenn Carter co-founded the 41 music group with Kyle Richh, TaTa, and Dee Billz. – she and Kyle Richh had met TaTa through Dee Billz. In the interview with No Jumper, they explained that they grew up with similar dreams and started solo careers. However, after collaborating, they realized that they worked better as a team, as all had African heritage and distinct talents. TaTa told Rolling Stone that Jenn Carter contributes with lyrics, Kyle Richh excels at vocals, and TaTa brings the energy. Jenn Carter told No Jumper that she played the trumpet while Kyle Richh played the piano. She also plays the piano and plans to improve at guitar and drums.

Additionally, they felt no obstacles with Jenn Carter being female, as they saw her ‘as a gangster and one of the boys’ to the point of openly discussing their interests in women in front of her. Jenn Carter stressed that 41 is not a gang, as was speculated; instead, they consider each other family and their music part of a social movement.


Recent work and plans

Jenn Carter’s music group gained renown for their debut mixtape, “41 World: Not The Album,” released on 17 November 2022 under the record label RiteOrWrongKVH Entertainment, a subsidiary of Republic Records. Some of their well-known singles were also part of their lesser-known EP release in April 2023 of “41 Ways,” on streaming platforms. Jenn Carter’s contribution to the songs “Strangers,” “Problems,” and “Run That!” attracted the most attention.

Moreover, in early 2023, fans unexpectedly began commenting ‘Jenn Carter got the WAP’ on social media. It was a reference to Cardi B’s 2020 song of that name featuring Megan Thee Stallion, in which WAP stood for ‘wet ass pussy.’ In August 2023, Jenn Carter responded with an Instagram photo of her outfit, which she captioned with ‘all this drip; maybe I do got the wap.’ That brought her stage name in front of a wider audience.

During their interview with On The Radar Radio, 41 members said that they plan to avoid collaborating with others to avoid getting into arguments and involving politics. They consider themselves the opposite of troublemakers and want to invest time and energy in solving private and business problems. The only exception to that was Asian Doll, who they liked. Jenn Carter, Kyle Richh, and TaTa see being compared to Fugees and Wu-Tang Clan as a compliment.


Jenn Carter might be gay. Her music group members said that they defended her from the unwanted attention of guys hitting on her, and shielded her when Internet trolls threatened her with sexual assault.

In her TRSH interview, Jenn Carter said that she likes people whose zodiac sign is Taurus. Moreover, one entry on her bucket list is to have a threesome with two girlfriends. In his Way Up with Angela Yee interview, TaTa stated that Jenn Carter arouses the interest of both sexes by speaking quietly and rarely, which creates an air of mystery.

Interesting facts, favorite things

  • Her favorite female rappers are Young Amazeand Nicki Minaj. Some of her other favorite rappers are Dougie B, Kay Flock, and S Dot.
  • Unlike Kyle Ricch and TaTa, Jenn Carter reads a small portion of her direct messages (DMs) and social media comments.
  • Not reading or replying to messages, even from close friends, is Jenn Carter’s most toxic trait.
  • Jenn Carter’s favorite porn star is Ruby Rose.
  • She smokes marijuana.
  • Jenn Carter has only drunk coffee once, and didn’t see the appeal.

Physical characteristics

Jenn Carter has black hair and dark brown eyes. She’s 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs about 115lbs (52 kgs). Jenn Carter has a few tattoos, the two most prominent are the word ‘Loyalty’ on her left forearm and an intricate design involving birds in flight, with two dates written in Roman numerals on her right forearm, presumably birth date and day of death of a loved one.

Net worth

Jenn Carter has a net worth of about $500,000. Predominant Management, headed by talent agent and record label owner Big KVH, manages her career. Jenn Carter has a collection of gold and silver chains.

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