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November 23, 2023
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Robert William Lamm was born on the 13th October 1944 in Brooklyn, New York City USA, and is a singer, songwriter, musician especially a keyboardist, widely known as one of the founders of Chicago, the pop rock band based in… You’re right! Chicago! He is famous for writing some of the band’s greatest hits such as “Beginnings”, “25 or 6 to 4”, “Saturday in the Park”, “Questions 67 & 68” and plenty of others.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this legendary vocalist has accumulated so far? How rich Robert Lamm is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Robert Lamm’s net worth in the fourth quarter of 2016, is over $20 million, acquired through his luscious music career which is now spanning almost 50 years.

Robert Lamm Net Worth $20 million

Robert Lamm was raised in Brooklyn under the musical influence of his parents’ jazz collection. The interest in music deepened in him when he became a member of Grace Episcopal Church in Brooklyn. At the age of 15, after his parents divorced he moved to Chicago, Illinois alongside his mother. Later, he enrolled at Roosevelt University in which he studied classical music, music theory and composition. In 1967, he became the 6th founding member of Rock with Horns band, an experimental band that had soon “broken new musical ground, set trends, fallen into disfavor”, changed its name to Chicago and made its way into the history of the music. This engagement was a launching board for Robert Lamm’s music career, and also provided the basis for his overall net worth.

In 1969 their debut album “Chicago Transit Authority” was released, and as Robert Lamm was the songwriter of the majority of the songs and also “in charge” of pianos, organs, maracas, lead and backing vocals, he was unofficially named the band’s leader. In the course of the next decade, the band was releasing one album annually, and each of these was a huge commercial success, adding millions of dollars to Robert Lamm’s net worth.

In 1974, Robert Lamm released his first solo album, “Skinny Boy”. Following the success of previous Chicago’s releases, Robert’s solo debut was also a commercial success, which certainly positively impacted his net worth.

Robert continued to develop his solo career parallel to Chicago’s activities, and after 1991 his solo albums began to appear more often. Apart from these, Lamm also formed a band with Gerry Beckley and Carl Wilson, simply named BeckleyLammWilson. The trio performed and recorded ‘til 1998, when Wilson died of lung cancer, although in 2000 the trio’s album “Like a Brother” was released.

Since their beginnings, Chicago has released over 150 albums, including studio albums, live versions, compilations and even bootleg versions. Throughout his solo career, Robert Lamm has also released 12 studio albums so far.

Robert Lamm has served as Stanford University’s guest lecturer on music production, as well as a songwriting lecturer at New York University, adding somewhat to his income.

When it comes to Robert Lamm’s personal life, it is as thrilling as his career – he has married four times, firstly in 1970 exchanging vows with Karen Perk, but they divorced after just a year. In 1976, Robert Lamm married Julie Ann Nini with whom he had his first child before they divorced in 1981. Alex Donnelley was married to Robert between 1985 and 1991, and they got two children. Since 1991, Robert has been married to Joy Kopko.

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