The Life and Career of Molly Eskam: Age, Height, Appearance, BF

April 18, 2024
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Molly Eskam

The exuberant influencer and model Molly Eskam was born on 29th September 1998, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska USA, but moved with her family – parents Kent and Laurie and brothers Chase and Chance – to California, where she completed her high school studies.

Known for creating a thriving social media empire and parlaying her fame into tangible achievements such as two Playboy covers, Molly is active on YouTube, Instagram and various other platforms, with millions of combined followers.

Molly is 5ft 8ins (173cm) tall and weighs 125lbs (57kgs), although some sources list her height as 5ft 4in (163cm).


Molly created her self-titled YouTube channel in 2010, but wouldn’t begin uploading videos until the age of 17. Her first video was a Q&A session about her rumored plastic surgery procedures; which followed by several ‘girl talk’ videos and storytimes, helped her become a popular content creator in the YouTube landscape.


Although some of Molly’s YouTube uploads revealed shocking truths about her life – such as the fact that she began modelling at the tender age of 14 but was told to lose weight – others were light-hearted and entertaining (see “MY BODYBUILDER BROTHER GETS HIS MAKEUP DONE”). When one of her videos, “HOW TO GET FREE STARBUCKS (NOT clickbait)” went viral, the Nebraska native earned thousands of new subscribers; however, by then she was already collaborating with YouTubers such as FaZe Rug and RiceGum.

Over the years, Molly went from pranks, reaction videos, and behind-the-scenes footage from photoshoots, to more sophisticated travel vlogs and try-on hauls. Her last video was uploaded in 2020, but to this day, the blonde has over 500,000 subscribers who are patiently awaiting a possible return in the future. During her time as an active YouTuber and thanks to her association with FaZe Rug, Molly also rubbed shoulders with social media A-listers such as Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul.

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In July 2020, Molly celebrated one of many career highlights, on the cover of that month’s issue of Playboy. Clad in a peach-colored bikini and posing suggestively with an ice lolly, the cover shoot was a dream come true for the TikTok personality, who wrote on Instagram: ‘Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be on the cover of Playboy… I grew up on social media. You guys helped me become the woman I am today at 21.’ She also thanked her followers for accompanying her on her journey.

Molly went viral in February 2022 thanks to an Instagram post sponsored by Fashion Nova which depicted her wearing a racy lingerie set. The Daily Star and other publications raved about her figure, which was described as ‘explosive’ and ‘curvaceous’. Since then, Molly has continued to model for the fast-fashion company house.


Around the same time as the viral Fashion Nova article, the content creator pursued exciting new career opportunities with a move to Los Angeles. Since then, it appears that nothing but good things have come her way: for example, she ended the year purchasing a new home, and bought a luxury AMG G-63 Mercedes mere months later. However, the biggest new addition was Leo, her adorable Akita puppy.

March 2023 saw Molly grace the cover of Playboy yet again. ‘I’m so incredibly thankful for each and everyone of you always for making opportunities happen to me,’ she told her Instagram followers. Apart from her long-standing business relationships with Playboy and Fashion Nova, Molly recently sponsored the Yacht Life app and is active on OnlyFans, where she shares adult photos and videos with her thousands of paying subscribers.


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Personal Life

In 2017, Molly embarked on her first public relationship with social media sensation FaZe Rug (birth name Brian Rafat Awadis). Given to documenting every aspect of his life, Brian included his then-girlfriend in dozens of videos, such as “OUR FIRST KISS!! (ft. Molly Eskam)”. Due to his popularity at the time, this helped boost her profile considerably and cross over into another demographic.

The rumors surrounding Molly and Brian persisted for months, and they made the most of the speculation by frequently uploading videos together, as these typically received more views and comments. When the couple began dating, Molly was accused of being a gold digger who was involved with Brian for his fame and publicity, as many netizens felt that Brian just wasn’t her type. These claims led to Molly taking a lie detector test – and, of course, recording the whole process for her viewers to enjoy. Poking fun at herself, Molly also uploaded a ‘gold digger prank’ in which she asked Brian for $20,000.


Although to some, it felt that Molly and Brian had been in a relationship for years, the truth is that they met and began working together in 2017 and didn’t take things to the next level until the following year. Overall, the YouTubers were only together for two months, and soon realized that they were better off as friends.

After their split, the former couple remained on cordial terms and even did a joint podcast interview with All Grown Up, where they discussed the highlights of their time together, how they met, and other topics. Throughout the interview, both parties portrayed the other in a good light, and Molly continued to appear in some of Brian’s YouTube content, including an amusing video in which one of his friends filled Brian’s house with photos of the blonde.

In January 2022, Molly received an outpouring of support after revealing to her followers that she had been the victim of domestic violence. Brian was just one of dozens of public figures who congratulated Molly for finding the strength to speak up about the harrowing ordeal she had suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, whose identity remains a mystery to this day.

The video and Instagram carousel Molly uploaded ‘exposing’ her ex made for difficult viewing, as the model bravely showed her bruised body, broken glasses, a broken computer case and bloodstains in various places in her home. The California transplant also posted an audio recording of a conversation with her then-boyfriend, and netizens were horrified to hear her cry while the ex in question threatened her with more violence and said that nobody cared. Thankfully, Molly appears to have overcome the traumatizing experience; she’s believed to be single currentl.

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