Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth

March 16, 2023
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Steven James Anderson was born on 18 December 1964 in Austin, Texas USA, to James and Beverly Anderson, but is best known by his stage name, Stone Cold Steve Austin, which he uses in the acting and wrestling businesses. In addition, he is a host and a media personality.

So just how rich is Stone Cold Steve Austin as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this wrestler and actor has a net worth of over $45 million, accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned fields which began in the late 1980s.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth $45 Million

Speaking about Steve’s early life, his parents divorced when he was very young and he then spent most of his childhood in Edna, Texas. He was educated at Edna High School, and after matriculating, enrolled into Wharton County Junior College on a scholarship, and then attended the University of North Texas. Having decided to pursue wrestling, Steve became a student of Chris Adams’ school located in thee Dallas Sportatorium, and during his time there, Austin participated in the World Class Championship Wrestling and after that, he wrestled in World Championship Wrestling where he was paired up with Vivacious Veronica, and later on with Jeannie Adams, the so-called Lady Blossom. Shortly after making his debut, Steve beat Bobby Eaton in 1991, then subsequently during that year, joined the Dangerous Alliance, a professional wrestling group. However, two years later, he went on to become a part of another group, The Hollywood Blonds, alongside Brian Pillman, and the team went on to win the unified NWA and WCW World Tag Team Championship, defeating Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas. The duo scored notable successes until Steve’s partner faced an injury, and as a result wasn’t able to compete for a period of time, however, Austin ended up injuring his knee as well, and thus was sidelined for a while.

Having recovered, he participated in the WCW United States Heavyweight title, and scored a victory over Duggan, but lost in a match against Randy Savage later on. In 1995, he began wrestling in the Extreme Championship Wrestling after signing a deal with Paul Heyman, who also signed him to do the in-ring interviews, as he still wasn’t fully recovered from injury, and during this time, Steve began creating the ‘’Stone Cold’’ personality. In the same year, Austin was hired by World Wrestling Federation’s owner Vince McMahon after Jim Ross and Kevin Nash convinced him to do so. He then returned to wrestling and defeated Savio Vega, going on to have several victories, but also several losses such as at ‘’In Your House: Beware of Dog’’.

Besides wrestling, the audience can also see Steve in movies and on television, more precisely, he made his debut in ‘’Clash of the Champions XV: Knocksville USA’’ in 1991. In ‘’The Longest Yard’’, he acted alongside Adam Sandler in portraying guard Dunham, and in 2007 he landed the starring role of Conrad in ‘’The Condemned’’. In 2010, he starred as the title character in “Stranger”, and during the same year played the prominent role of Paine in ‘’The Expendables’’, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Overall, Stone Cold Steve Austin has made more than 60 acting appearances so far.

When it comes to his private life, Austin was married to Kathryn Burrhus (1990-’92), however, he cheated on her with Jeanie Clarke, his fellow wrestler whom he also collaborated with.  They subsequently married (Lady Blossom, 1992-’99) and had two daughters plus he adopted Clarke’s daughter from her previous relationship. In 2000 he married Debra Marshall but they divorced in 2003, and as of today, he has married to his fourth wife, Kristin since 2009. They are currently based in Los Angeles, California.

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