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April 29, 2023
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Ted Vernon is a Long Island, New York City- born American movie actor, writer, producer, entrepreneur as well as a car collector, who is perhaps best known for owning and operating Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles, which sells classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Ted is also widely recognized for acting in several Hollywood movies as well as for being a professional boxer and an author.

A widely recognized personality noted for embarking on successful careers in several fields, one may wonder how rich is Ted Vernon at the present? As estimated by sources, Ted counts his net worth at an amount of $15 million in early 2016. The major source of his income is definitely his involvement in the film industry as an actor, while his business as a car collector and seller has also been adding significantly to his net worth over the years, to make him a multi-millionaire as of this day.

Ted Vernon Net Worth $15 Million

Born in the mid-50s, Ted started his career in the field of film-making and acting, as he directed and acted in the movie “Hammerhead Jones” which was released in 1987. Since then, Ted has become prominent in films and has been a part of the movies “Scarecrows”, “Deathprint”, “Tumors”, “Zombie Infection” and many more. Noted for acting in similar types of roles or characters with intense personality, Ted has appeared in around 20 movies until now. Also, he has worked in several television productions, including the reality show “South Beach Classics” which has earned him so much fame in South Florida, given his colorful personality.

Along with acting, Ted was previously active in boxing. As an amateur boxer in his late 20s, Ted managed to record 21 wins and only one loss during his career. Even until now, in his 60s, Ted wrestles for Fort Lauderdale-based Future of Wrestling. However, Ted is mostly noted for his skills as a car collector and dealer, and has been active in this profession for more than thirty-five years. In the reality television show “South Beach Classics”, Ted shares his knowledge and expertise regarding cars, and has become noted for selling his collected cars to a wide range of customers from ordinary households in America to celebrities and even royals from other countries like Kuwait and the UAE. Also known by the nickname “Wolfman” in his home town, Ted has authored a book entitled “Collecting Cars For Fun And Profit”, the content of which is self-explanatory. Needless to say, being a part of all these different projects has earned quite well for Ted over the years.

As for his personal life, Ted is married to Robin Vernon who also happens to be an actress as she has appeared alongside Ted in the movie “Deathprint” which was produced by Aiden Dillard. The couple currently resides in Ted’s home town where Robin helps Ted in his business of car sales and collections. Along with cars, Ted also enjoys collecting stuffed animals and skins. For now, Ted enjoys his career as a successful entrepreneur and movie actor, while his present net worth of $15 million caters to his daily life.

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