Russ Weiner Net Worth

January 28, 2023
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Born Russell Goldencloud Weiner in 1968, in The Bronx, New York City, USA, Russ is a businessman, best known to the world as the founder of the Rockstar Energy Drink, among other endeavors.

Have you ever wondered how rich Russ Weiner is, as of mid-2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Weiner’s net worth is as high as $2.5 billion, earned through his successful career as a businessman, which started in the late ‘90s.

Russ Weiner Net Worth $2.5 Billion

Russ is the son of Michael Savage, famous conservative radio host and politician, and his second wife Janet. Raised as Jewish with his sister, Rebecca Lin Yops, he and his family moved to Fairfax, California, and Russell went to Redwood High School, located in Larkspur. After matriculation, he enrolled at San Diego State University, from which he obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Before starting his own company, Russell worked for the Raul Revere Society, organizing events for the group, started by his father Michael. Russ was also a travel consultant, which also improved his wealth.

In 1998 he started his own company Rockstar Energy Drink, and even before hitting the decade of its existence, Rockstar Energy Drink became the leading energy drink in the USA, with 14% of the market, which increased Russ’ net worth to a large degree, and soon had him on the Forbes 500 list at the 494th position. Nowadays, Rockstar Energy Drink is available in more than twenty flavors in over thirty countries, which has certainly increased his wealth. However, his product was heavily criticized for having large a amount of calories and sugar, but thanks to highly qualified scientists that worked on the product, Russ and his team have managed to reduce the number of calories in his products.

Aside from business, Russ has also been involved in politics; he ran for the 6th district seat in the California State Assembly, however, he lost to Kerry Mazzoni. Russell was a part of the Republican Party and won the primaries by five votes, however, he couldn’t compete with the much more experienced Democrat.

He returned to politics in 2009, but this time as a donator, giving $25,000 for Gavin Newsom’s California gubernatorial campaign. However, the Democrat denied Russ’ donation by giving it to charity.

To speak further of his endeavors, Russ is also known for being a real estate agent; he bought the house of Carlos Boozer for $10 million, and later sold it, while he also sold his own house for $14.5 million, which he previously bought from rapper Birdman for $6.75 million. This also increased his net worth.

Regarding his personal life, Russ is reputedly still single, and currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida USA.

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