Suzie Ketcham Net Worth

January 29, 2023
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Suzie Ketcham was born in Summit, New Jersey USA, and is a TV reality star and real estate agent, but best known to the world for her appearance in the VH1’s reality TV series “Basketball Wives” (2010-2013), in which she appeared as the (now ex-) wife of retired NBA player Michael Olowokandi.

Have you ever wondered how rich Suzie Ketcham is, as of early 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Ketcham’s net worth is officially as high as $2 million, an amount earned through both her successful careers, but her divorce settlement suggests a rather higher figure is likely.

Suzie Ketcham Net Worth $2 Million

Suzie is of part-Chinese ancestry, and part-Caucasian. Her parents divorced when she was still a child, and as a result she moved to Los Angeles with one of her parents where she spent the rest of her childhood.

After finished high school, Suzie enrolled at Peperdine University, and during those years she met future NBA No. 1 overall draft pick Michael Olowokandi. The two hit it off immediately, and for the next ten years the couple was together. She gave birth to two children while with Michael.

Thanks to Michael’s career as an NBA player, Suzie was selected as a cast member for the VH1’s reality TV series “Basketball Wives”. She stayed on the show through five seasons until 2013, after which she divorced from Olowokandi and moved to Miami. She received $15 million from the divorce process, which certainly increased her net worth, while she also ultimately earned around $300,000 from her last series stint in the TV reality series.

Apart from career on screen, Suzie is also an accomplished luxury real estate agent, and now seeks to make a point in Miami’s most expansive neighborhood. There seems little doubt that her career will become even more expansive in the future, and that her net worth will rise commensurately.

Regarding her personal life, all can be seen on TV. Her noisy personality earned her a massive fan base, and made her more popular. However, in recent years she has turned around, and now is more dedicated to her children, and has apparently become a rather calmer person.

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