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April 18, 2024
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Who is Alica Schmidt?

German runner and fitness coach Alica Megan Schmidt, was born in Worms, Germany, on 8 November 1998, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. She’s probably best known for having competed with the German 4 x 400 meters national track team in the 2017 European Athletics U20 Championships; they won a silver medal.

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Education and early life

Alica’s German parents raised her in Worms, but because they prefer to stay away from media, Alica hasn’t shared many details about them; it’s believed that her father was also once a successful athlete, and that it was he who encouraged Alica to pursue running, while it’s believed that her mother was a professional soccer player. Because Alica hasn’t talked about her siblings, it’s believed that she has none.

She became sporting at a quite an early age, and was six when she began training in various sports, including soccer, volleyball and tennis. Alica began running when she was 12, and then continued running on an almost daily basis throughout her entire education; she studied at a local high school in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany from which she matriculated in 2017.

Alica continued her education at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2021.


Career as an athlete

While still attending high school, Alica began practicing running at the Manner-Turn-Verein (MTV) von 1881 Ingolstadt, a general sports club; she was initially focused on training for and competing in 200, 400 and 800 meters events, and in 2018 also began competing in 400 meters hurdles.

The first time Alica attracted the public’s attention was in 2017, when she competed in the German Championship U20 200 meters event, finishing second. It was only a couple of months after this that she and the German team won silver in the 4 x 400 meters race at the 2017 European Athletics U20 Championships; Alica’s teammates were Corinna Schwab, Meike Gerlach and Vanessa Aniteye. The girls broke the world record with their time of 03:33:08, however, the Ukrainian team was even faster.

Alica became quite popular in Germany following these results, as she became the first athlete from Ingolstadt since 1999 to win a medal at such a big competition. She was also supposed to compete in the individual 400 meters race, and even broke her own personal record in the qualifying round, running 54.23 seconds, however, Alica eventually chose not to race individually, so that she could focus on the national team relay.

The year 2017 saw Alica also compete in the German U20 Championship 400 meters race, finishing second, then in October 2017, she moved to Brandenburg, Germany and began training at SC Potsdam. She spent the year 2018 focused on training and not entering any competition, and prior to the 2019 season became a member of the German sports club SCC Berlin based in Charlottenburg, Berlin.


Alica competed with the German national team in the 4 x 400 meters relay race at the 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships, winning bronze, and she also won bronze in the 400 meters individual, while she and her SCC Berlin team won silver in the 4 x 400 meters relay race. Because the coronavirus pandemic had made it hard for her and her team members to practice together, Alica revealed that she mostly exercised alone, and that she ran in a forest.

Alica was a member of the German team that competed in the 2021 European Athletics Indoor Championships’ 4 x 400 meters relay race. She was to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics, which were postponed and held between 23 July and 8 August 2021; Alica was then made a substitute, and didn’t run.

She worked as the German professional sports club Borussia Dortmund’s fitness coach in 2020 and 2021.

She competed in the 2022 German Indoor Athletics Championships’ 400 meters race, winning silver; Alica was also to compete in the 2022 World Athletics Indoor Championships, but chose not to, wanting to focus on outdoor competitions.


Love life and boyfriend

Alica hasn’t shared a lot about her love life with her fans, as she respects her own privacy, but it’s still widely known that the successful German athlete’s today in a long-term relationship.

Alica and her boyfriend Fredi Richter have shared many pictures which feature them together, onto their social media accounts. Fredi’s a bodybuilder and photographer who prefers to stay away from the media’s attention; he’s uploaded only two pictures onto his Instagram account, both of which feature Alica.

It’s widely believed that Alica and Fredi have been together for three years now, although neither of them has confirmed this.

Alica hasn’t spoken of the men (if any) whom she dated prior to meeting Fredi – she’s in a relationship with Fredi Richter as of October 2022, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.


Interesting facts and hobbies

Alica’s highly active on Instagram, and there are today over 3.2 million people following her on the social media network, while she’s posted more than 600 pictures and videos onto her account. It’s believed that her popularity on Instagram was amongst the reasons why the Australian magazine “Busted Coverage” named Alica ‘world’s sexiest athlete’ in 2017; Alica didn’t seem happy about this, stating that she’s an athlete, and not a model.

Alica also enjoys running her self-titled YouTube channel, which she launched on 8 June 2018; there are more than 100,000 people subscribed to it today, while it numbers over eight million views of all Alica’s videos combined. Most of these show Alica running, as well as her teaching fans about proper workout routines and diet plans.


Summer is Alica’s favorite season, and she loves to go canoeing, swimming and paddleboarding.

Her favorite actresses are Kerry Washington and Angela Bassett, while some of her favorite movies are “The Last King of Scotland”, “Django Unchained” and “Night Catches Us”.

Height, eyes and net worth

Alica’s age is 23. Her hair is brown and eyes are blue, her height is 5ft 11ins (1.75m) and her weight is about 145lbs (65kgs).

Alica’s net worth’s been estimated at over $500,000, as of October 2022.

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