Steven Seagal’s Wife Erdenetuya Seagal: Ethnicity, Height, Wiki

April 18, 2024
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Who is Erdenetuya Seagal?

Erdenetuya Seagal (nee Batsukh) was born in Mongolia on 24 May 1971 – her zodiac sign is Gemini, she is of Asian descent and holds both American and Mongolian nationality. She’s a professional dancer, but who’s probably known best for being the wife of Steven Seagal, a famous American actor and martial artist.

Early life and education

Erdenetuya was raised in Mongolia by her parents, about whom nothing is known as she respects their privacy; it’s believed that her father was a martial artist, and that her mother was a housewife. Because she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, most people believe Erdenetuya to be an only child.

She became interested in dancing at a very early age, and her parents found her a private instructor when she was six years old. Although there’s no information about the schools which Erdenetuya attended, it’s known that she practiced dancing at the Children’ Palace in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

Erdenetuya matriculated in 1989, but it remains unknown whether or not she attended college.

Career as a dancer

She has been keeping the details of her career hidden from media, but it’s known that Erdenetuya has attended many dancing competitions in the past three decades, and that she has also spent some time working as a dance instructor.


She excels at ballroom dancing, and was once rated to be the best dancer in Mongolia.

Love life and marriage with Steven Seagal

Erdenetuya met Steven Seagal in 2001, when she was hired to work as his interpreter when he came to Mongolia. It didn’t take long for them to develop feelings for each other, and they started dating in the same year.

Erdenetuya and Steven could’ve been seen attending many of his events together in the following eight years, and they married in 2009 in a private ceremony attended by only the closest of their friends and family members. On 17 September 2009, Erdenetuya gave birth to their son Kunzang.

While Erdenetuya hasn’t spoken of any other men whom she has perhaps been with, it’s widely known that Steven was previously married thrice, and that he has six more children. In 1975, he married his first wife Miyako Fujitani, the daughter of Steven’s aikido instructor. She gave birth to their son Kentaro Seagal and daughter Ayako Fujitani, but the two divorced in 1986, ostensibly because Steven had moved back to the US. His second marriage was with the American actress Adrienne La Russa, and it lasted for only a couple of months in 1984, because it was annulled when it was revealed that Steven was already married to Miyako Fujitani; Steven and Adrienne have a daughter Annaliza who was born in 1987.


In September 1987, he married the American actress and supermodel Kelly LeBrock, and she gave birth to their son Dominic in 1990, and to their daughter Arissa in 1993. Steven and Kelly divorced in 1996.

So as of February 2022, Erdenetuya is married to Steven Seagal, and they have a son together.

Hobbies and other interests

Today, Erdenetuya still spends most of her spare time dancing, and some of her Instagram pictures and videos feature her showing off her skills. She’s quite active on the network, but is today followed by only close to 250 followers, and has uploaded over 50 pictures and videos.

Erdenetuya is a dog-lover, and her pet dog can be seen featured in some of her Instagram pictures.

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She’s into travelling, and has been all around the world with Steven. The two have visited more than 10 US states, and have also been together to many Asian, European and African countries.

Erdenetuya likes to watch movies in her spare time, and her favorite actor and actress are the late Robin Williams and Julia Roberts, while a couple of her favorite films include “Good Morning, Vietnam”, “Notting Hill” and “The Runaway Bride”.

Age, height and net worth

Erdenetuya’s age is 50. She has long black hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 8ins (1.7m) and she weighs around 130lbs (60kgs).

As of February 2022, Erdenetuya’s net worth has been estimated at over $1 million, while Steven’s net worth has been estimated at a conservative $16 million.


Who is her husband Steven Seagal?

Steven Frederic Seagal was born in Lansing, Michigan USA on 10 April 1952 – his zodiac sign is Aries, and he holds American nationality. He’s probably known best for his acting career, as he’s appeared in more than 50 movies and TV series, while Steven’s most notable performance was perhaps his portrayal of the main character Forrest Taft, in the 1994 action adventure thriller movie “On Deadly Ground”, which he also directed. It follows an environmental agent and martial artist who’s started a one-man war against an oil corporation; the movie won one of the seven awards for which it was nominated.

He was raised alongside his sister Brenda in Lansing, by their Jewish father Samuel Seagal who was a high school teacher, and their mother Patricia who was a medical technician. Steven was five years old when the family moved to Fullerton, California because of his asthma, and he thrived there. He studied at Buena Park High School, and upon matriculating in 1971, Steven moved to Japan to practice martial arts.

His first wife Miyako was a second-degree black belt in aikido, and they lived together in Osaka. Steven moved back to the US, to Taos, New Mexico to open his own dojo, but then returned to Japan to be with Miyako. After his second return to the US in 1983, he opened an aikido dojo in West Hollywood, California and put his student Haruo Matsuoka in charge of it.


He became popular after he starred in the 1988 crime action movie “Above the Law”, while a couple of his following notable performances were in 1990, in the action thriller “Hard to Kill”, and the action “Marked of Death”, then the 1991 action “Out of Justice”. In 1992, Steven starred as Casey Ryback in the action thriller “Under Siege”, which follows a former Navy Seal who is now working as a cook on a US battleship, and is the only person who can stop terrorists who have taken control of the ship. The movie won three of the eight awards for which it was nominated, including two Oscar nominations.

A couple of Steven’s following lead roles were in the 1996 action “Executive Decision”, the 1998 action thriller “The Patriot” and the 2001 action “Exit Wounds”.

His popularity has declined in the past two decades, and nearly all of the movies in which he has starred since 2000 have been released only direct-to-video. He has also turned to writing and producing movies, such as the 2005 action “Black Dawn”, the 2008 action “Kill Switch” and the 2010 action “Born to Raise Hell”. Most recently, in 2019 Steven appeared in two movies: the action thriller drama “General Commander” and the action crime drama “Beyond the Law”.

He has been nominated for three The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards and nine Razzie Awards, winning a 1995 Razzie Award for Worst Director, for “On Deadly Ground”.

Between 1996 and 2018, a number of women accused Steven of sexual harassment and/or assault, but there are no records of convictions.

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