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April 18, 2024
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What is XO Team?

XO Team is a collective of skilled content creators who achieved international popularity for sharing choreographed dance performances on their official TikTok account. Their meteoric rise to stardom can be attributed to their remarkable talent and creativity, resulting in an impressive follower count of over 41 million. This collective has become recognized as the most popular TikTok house on a global scale.

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How rich are they? XO Team’s Net Worth

As of the early part of 2024, XO Team’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million, acquired through their flourishing career in the dynamic world of social media. This substantial wealth has been strategically accumulated through multiple income channels, including contributions from influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, lucrative brand endorsements, sponsored content, and other promotional collaborations. Additionally, the monetization of their engaging content on platforms such as YouTube further increases their financial success.


Rise to Fame

XO Team has successfully established their presence in the social media landscape when they created a collaborative TikTok account under the same name ‘@xoteam’. Founded by Mary Senn and Gary Grey on 3 April 2020 in Moscow, Russia, the group embarked on a mission to create a collective of the most exceptional talents, so they conducted numerous casting sessions to assemble a team that would eventually catapult them to international fame.

Soon after their formation, XO Team rented a large apartment where they created content together, before they built a house in Los Angeles, California, and moved there. Although they initially focused on producing primarily choreographed dance performances, their content extended beyond that as they added a diverse range of videos, such as challenges, pranks, skits, point-of-view videos, and more. They even released such series of videos as “True Love”, “First Date”, “Party Gone Wrong”, and “School”, among many others.


The group’s captivating TikTok content attracted an enormously large audience, propelling them into the spotlight overnight. With over 41 million dedicated followers on the platform, their videos have collected over 1.3 billion likes in total.

The meteoric rise of the XO team not only established their position as the most popular TikTok collective worldwide, but also opened doors to collaborations with renowned celebrities, including Jason Derulo. They also secured partnerships with numerous high-profile brands such as Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton and Two Faces.


XO Team Members

XO Team stands out as the only global content house that brings together influencers from all over the world. While a significant number of their members hail from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the collective’s reach extends globally since some of their members come from other regions of the world such as the United States and Vietnam. Besides its founders Gary Grey and Mary Senn, the collective consists of 15 additional members.

The male part of the group includes content creator and dancer Nikolay Spesivtsev, musician Nikita ‘Beembi’ Useev, TikToker Maks Nemcev, YouTuber and TikTok star Danilis Boom, and rapper and blogger Timur Sorokin. The females include Kristina Kika Kim, Eva Miller, Nastya ‘Bad Barbie’ Chernisheva, Alisha Kone, Kristi Kraym, Elsa, Mary Senn, Chanderlandd, Dasha Dzhakeli, and Veronica ‘Nevaaadaa’ Kostya. All of the members have a huge following on their individual social media accounts.

Furthermore, XO Team includes one more member – an AI character, a purple bear named ENNY.


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YouTube Channel

Once they established a strong following on TikTok, XO Team expanded their reach to YouTube, creating their official eponymous channel on 12 September 2021. With the release of their debut video, entitled “XO TEAM TIKTOK COMPILATION / #xoteam #tiktok #kikakim”, on 6 November later that year, the collective marked a new chapter in their digital journey. Initially, they focused on consistently producing TikTok compilation videos for their channel. As their number of subscribers grew, they added more content, uploading original music videos and creating such YouTube shows as “XO Team Reality”, “XOXO”, “Shhh”, and others.

With an impressive collection of more than 4,000 videos, XO Team has garnered nearly 20 million subscribers, while their videos have amassed 17 billion views in total. Their most popular video is the official music video for their single “Reason”, which has amassed over 38 million views since its release in August 2022. Among their other most viewed videos on the channel are such titles as “Her boyfriend turned out to be an abuser, but she found true love just in time l XOXO  EPISODE 1”, “He broke not only her heart, but her soul | XOXO EPISODE 2”, and “A Guy is Dating two Girls at a Time but They Find This Out and Decide to Pay Back | XOXO EPISODE 6”, to name a few.


Other Social Media Platforms

Beyond TikTok and YouTube, the XO Team group extended their digital presence across other social media platforms; the group is engaged in promoting their content on the highly popular Instagram platform, under the username ‘@the_xo_team’, accumulating over 4.5 million followers. On Snapchat, they run the account under the similar nickname ‘xoteamhouse’, sharing content and engaging with approximately 160,000 subscribers. Moreover, the collective is active on Facebook, operating a verified page with more than 450,000 followers, and  also managing another Facebook page called ‘XO Team Life’, that boasts over 1.4 million followers.

Music Career

Speaking further about XO Team, they ventured into the music industry together, founding their own record label called XO Music Label. In December 2021, they recorded and released their debut single, a Christmas song entitled “Mírame”, which was received positively by their audience. It was followed by two additional songs “On Top” and “Reason”, both issued in 2022. In the subsequent year, they continued to create music together and published two songs – “U Got It” and “Keep It Coming”.

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