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April 18, 2024
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Steve Vai is not only one of the richest celebrities in our century, but he is also one of the greatest guitar players too. Steven Siro Vai’s net worth has reached 14 million dollars, and music fans from all around the world know him as a great rock star, songwriter, singer and even a record producer. Of course, S. Vai is known for his appearance in the movie entitled “Steve Vai: Where the Wild Things Are”. Steve Vai is also a former music transcriptionist for famous musician Frank Zappa.

Steve Vai Net Worth $14 Million

Steve Vai was born on June 6, 1960, in Carle Place, New York, United States. He was interested in music from the age of 13 years, and about that time started to play guitar himself. He is a pupil of the famous Joe Satriani, but at the beginning of his career Steve Vai’s main inspirations were Glen Buxton, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Brian May. In order to become a guitarist Steve studied at Berklee College of Music and later began earning his net worth as a music transcriptionist of Frank Zappa. He received this job almost accidentally – Vai was transcribing Zappa’s compositions only for himself in order to learn more about technique, but once sent a transcription copy of “Black Page” to Zappa. The artist was so amazed and fascinated by this job that Vai was invited to join his band.

During all of his career Steve Vai’s net worth has been constantly rising as he was admired as a great guitar player and played in many different bands. To better understand how rich is Steve Vai, we should take look at the some bands he has performedin or with. When at the beginning of his career Vai played in such bands as “The Ohio Express”, “Bold As Love” or “Circus”, Vai’s net worth was not so large, but after he started to work with Zappa, the net worth established by Steve Vai started to increase immediately.

The Frank Zappa band was the first professional band of Steve Vai’s career, but later he also performed with “The Classified”, “Alcatrazz”, “David Lee Roth”, “Whitesnake” and “777”. However, after 1991,Vai decided to earn net worth for himself while playing as the main person in the group and made the “Sex and Religion” album – there he performed on stage together with Devin Townsend, TM Stevens and Terry Bozzio.

The net worth established by Steve Vai and his band rose even more when they had an opportunity to play an opening for another famous rock and alternative metal band: Bon Jovi. But that was not all – during his amazing musical career Steve Vai has had the opportunity to collaborate with many amazingly famous rock stars – heavy metal king Ozzy Osbourne and his band, Alice Cooper and Greg Bissonette. In total he has released 8 studio albums, and the most recent is “The Story of Light” released in year 2012.

So now you know why the net worth earned by Steve Vai is this huge.

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