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February 27, 2023
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Christopher G Moore was born on 8 July 1952, and is best known as a Canadian novelist who has published books such as ‘’A Killing Smile’’ and ‘’Saint Anne’’, among over 40 others.

So just how rich is Christopher G Moore, as of late 2017? Unfortunately, Moore’s wealth remains officially unknown, but according to authoritative sources is estimated at over $1 million, accumulated from his successful over three decades-long career in writing.

Christopher G Moore Net Worth $1 million

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Moore attended Oxford University, where he studied law, and was subsequently hired as a law professor at the University of British Columbia. He made his writing debut with the book entitled ‘’His Lordship’s Arsenal’’ in 1985; this story about a judge facing a ritual murder earned Moore critical acclaim, making a name for himself, and being called ‘’without doubt a real writer and one to watch’’ by Publisher’s Weekly. During the ‘90s and 2000s, Moore’s writing interest would alter between literary and crime fiction, becoming known for his series of novels entitled ‘’Vincent Calvino Private Eye” series – the first book of the franchise, ‘’Spirit House’’, was originally released in 1992 and in several more editions throughout the mid- and late-2000s. The Tangled Web critic, Bernard Knight called it ‘’well-written, tough and bloody’’. It was followed by the release of ‘’Asia Hand’’ and ‘’Zero Hour in Phnom Penh’’ in 1993 and 1994 respectively. In 1999, his book ‘’Cold Hit’’ was published by Heaven Lake Press, which documents Calvino’s investigation of foreigners’ deaths in Bangkok – the book earned positive reviews with The Japan Times calling it ‘’ plausible and riveting to the end’’. Christopher’s latest ‘’Vincent Calvino Private Eye series’’ book was ‘’Jumpers’’, originally published in 2016, which follows his main character, Calvino, as he investigates the murder of his friend, a Canadian painter. As with Christopher’s previous books, ‘’Jumpers’’ received positive response, with Paul Dorsey, the writer of Thailand edition of The Nation stating that ‘’there’s a great deal of heart and heartfelt writing’’, when reviewing the book. Moore has now written 16 books of ‘’Vincent Calvino Private Eye series’’.

His other work includes ‘’The Land of Smiles” trilogy’, consisting of ‘’ A Killing Smile’’, ‘’A Bewitching Smile’’ and ‘’A Haunting Smile’’ released in 1991, 1992 and 1993 respectively.

Christopher has written several standalone books. In 2005, he worked on ‘’Gambling on Magic’’, a crime story set in Bangkok. Critics went on to call it ‘’original, contemporary and extremely inventive’’. Some experts noticed the similarities between Moore’s writing style and that of early mid-20th century writers – regardless, his net worth continues to rise.

Additionally, his work includes a book on the Thai language, and more than 200 essays. His novels have been translated into Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese among other languages. He is the editor and contributor of Bangkok Noir, Phnom Penh Noir and The Orwell Brigade, and is a blogger whose texts can be found on International Crime Authors website.

In his private life, Moore resides in Thailand with his wife and their dog. He enjoys travelling.

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