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July 16, 2023
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The late American guitarist, singer and songwriter James Marshall Hendrix was born on 27 November 1942 in the city of Seattle, Washington State US, with Afro-American, Cherokee and Irish ancestry, and  is known as a musician who, through his mainstream career of just four years, managed to gain worldwide recognition as one of the best and most influential guitarists in history. At the time of his death, Hendrix was the best-paid professional entertainer on the planet, and this is certainly reflected in the legendary guitarist’s stunning net worth.

So just how rich was Jimi Hendrix? Sources have estimated that Jimi’s net worth at the time of his death in 1970 was $175 million, accumulated during his short but meteoric career in the music industry.


Jimi Hendrix Net Worth $175 Million

Jimi Hendrix was the oldest of his mother’s five children, and was raised at a difficult time. With his father, Al Hendrix, serving in the US Army and denied time off to see his newborn son, Jimi Hendrix was raised largely by his mother – who, in her turn, struggled to cope with motherhood, and often left Jimi in the care of her family and friends. By the time his father returned from the army, Jimi Hendrix was being raised by a family friend living in California. Soon afterwards, his parents reunited, and a troubling childhood followed – with the Hendrix family struggling to get by, and with Jimi’s parents both turning to drink and often fighting. Jimi Hendrix was known to claim that his rough upbringing had a huge effect on him – even his first instrument, a one-stringed ukulele, acted as a sort of security blanket.

Jimi Hendrix would, of course, end up going far past that battered ukulele. Saving up to buy a proper guitar, Hendrix was first noted for his talents when he was serving in the US Army, where he first met his future partner and bassist, Billy Cox. Discharged from the military for unsuitability, Hendrix and Cox went on to found their first band – “King Kasuals”, where Hendrix famously first learned to play the guitar with his teeth. Soon noticed by professional performers, Hendrix would go on to record his first better-known singles with “The Isley Brothers”, and from there he would sign a contract with English musician and record producer Chas Chandler. Hendrix skyrocketed to success in the UK, giving his previously struggling net worth a huge boost, and he would become known as the “Black Elvis” before moving back to take the US by storm. Throughout his career, Jimi Hendrix produced a number of chart-topping Top Ten hits, including “Hey Joe”, and “The Wind Cries Mary”, and received multiple awards and nominations – including a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jimi released only three sudio, three live, and two compilation albums, but the quality of these productions has stood the test of time such that more than 40 years after his passing, he is still recognised as one of the best ever,

By the end of his life in 1970, Hendrix had been a mainstream professional performer for just four years, but his popularity and net worth had both risen to astounding heights.

Jimi Hendrix lives on in memory as one of the greatest legends of 20th century music.

Jimi Hendrix died on 18 September 1970 in London, reportedly from a sleeping pill overdose.

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