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April 30, 2023
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Steven Michael Robert Howey is a film and television actor born on 12th July 1977, in San Antonio, Texas USA, perhaps best known for his role in the TV series “Reba”, but his other notable appearances include in films “Supercross”(2005), “DOA:Dead or Alive”(2006) and “Bride Wars”(2009). He is currently playing the role of Kevin Ball in the TV series “Shameless”.

Have you ever wondered how rich Steve Howey is? According to sources it has been estimated that Steve Howey’s overall net worth is $2 million, largely acquired thanks to numerous TV appearances, both in films and TV series. Since he is still an active actor, his net worth continues to grow.

Steve Howey Net Worth $2 Million

Steve was born one of three children of director and acting coach Bill Howey, and as a child, spent several years living on boats with his parents who eventually settled in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where Steve went to junior high and high school. He moved to Denver to complete his senior year, and managed to earn a basketball scholarship for a junior college in Colorado. However, he began losing interest in basketball in his second year of studies, and decided to pursue a career in acting, and joined his father’s acting class in order to fulfill his goal of becoming an actor. At first, Howey guest-starred in various TV shows such as “ER” (1994) and “The Drew Carey Show”(1995), then in the late ‘90s, he produced and starred in the independent film “Class”(1998), which was directed and written by his father and which entered the Denver International Film Festival. His net worth was established.

His debut role in a TV series came in 2001, when he was cast as Van Montgomery in the TV show “Reba”, in which he stayed until its end, six years later. Steve also starred in the 2005 action film “Supercross” and appeared as Weatherby in “DOA:Dead or Alive” the next year. He had famous actresses Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as co-stars while starring in “Bride Wars” in 2009, and portrayed the title role in the movie “Stan Helsing” that same year. This was a successful year for Howey, as he also starred in the web series “CTRL”. He once again played alongside Kate Hudson in the 2011 romantic-comedy film “Something Borrowed”, and his other notable roles include in “Psych”, “Surviving Suburbia” and “Conception”. When it comes to Howey’s most recent activity, he has guest starred in episodes of “New Girl” (2013), “Jennifer Falls” (2014) and “Workaholics”(2015). He has also been a regular cast member of the popular TV comedy-drama series “Shameless” since summer 2010.

In his personal life, Steve has been married to actress Sarah Shahi since February 2009. The couple met on the set of “Reba” when Shahi guest-starred in 2004. They now have three children. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his family, and likes dancing, playing basketball and writing in his free time. Howey is known as a politically conservative Republican.

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