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May 19, 2023
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Stacy Peralta was born on the 15th October 1957, in Venice, Los Angeles California, USA of Irish and Mexican ancestry. He is known for being a former professional skateboarder, and who is now the owner of the skateboarding team Bones Brigade. He is also recognized as a filmmaker and director, known particularly for “Dogtown And Z-Boys” (2001), and “Crips And Bloods: Made In America” (2008). His career has been active since the 1970s.

Have you ever wondered how rich Stacy Peralta is, as of mid- 2016? According to sources, it has been estimated that the total size of Peralta’s net worth is as high as $10 million, which has been accumulated through his successful career as a professional skateboarder and through his career as a film director and producer. He is also the owner of a skateboarding team and one more company, which has also added to his overall wealth.

Stacy Peralta Net Worth $10 Million

Stacy Peralta spent his childhood in his hometown, Venice, where he matriculated from Venice High School in 1975.

His career began when he was still in high school, joining the Z-Boys, a skateboard team, based in Venice. After matriculation, he became more focused on his career as a skateboarder, which soon became the main source of his net worth. Before he turned 20, Stacy became one of the best skateboarders, and so one of the highest ranked, partly through inventing several popular skateboard moves, including the front side lip to fakie, among others. He then took the money he won as a professional skateboarder, and started a company, alongside George Powell, to produce skateboarding equipment. After the company started to operate with success, he then used the money to form a skateboarding team, named Bones Brigade, which consisted of some of the most famous skaters at the time.

However, Stacy hung up his skate, and began producing demo skating videos for several skateboarders, including Tony Hawk. Little by little he fell in love with film, and began to produce full-time. He has since produced several films, including “When Disasters Strike” (1996), which was his directorial debut, “America’s Teenagers Growing Up on Television” (1998), and “Influences: From Yesterday to Today” (1999). He continued successfully into the 2000s, directing and producing such documentary films as “The 70s: The Decade That Changed Television” (2000), “Dogtown and Z-Boys” (2001), “Riding Giants” (2004), “Crips and Bloods: Made in America” (2008), and his most recent creation “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” (2012), which also added a lot to his net worth through the popularity of the films.

Thanks to his directorial skills, Stacy has received several prestigious awards, including the Audience Award from the AFI Fest in the category of Best Documentary Film, for “Dogtown and Z-Boys”, and he won the Directing Award from Sundance Film Festival, also for “Dogtown and Z-Boys”, among other awards.

When it comes to speak about his personal life, Stacy Peralta was briefly married to Joni Caldwell (1989-90), with whom he had a son Austin Peralta, who was a pianist, but he unfortunately passed away in 2012 from viral pneumonia, caused by a mixture of alcohol and drugs. He has been married to Gemma Vizor since 2001, and they have a daughter.

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