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February 10, 2023
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Sherwood Schwartz was born on the 14th November 1916, in Passaic, New Jersey of Jewish origin, and was a television producer and screenwriter, best known for creating the television series “Gilligan’s Island” (1964 – 1967) and “The Brady Bunch” (1969 – 1974). In 2008, he was awarded a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and became an inductee into the Television Hall of Fame. Schwartz had been active in the entertainment industry from 1938 to 2011, when he passed away.

How much was the net worth of Sherwood Schwartz? It has been calculated by authoritative sources that the overall size of his wealth was as much as $175 million, converted to the present day. Television was the major source of Schwartz’s wealth.

Sherwood Schwartz Net Worth $175 Million

To begin with, the boy was raised in Passaic, New Jersey with two brothers: – Al Schwartz and Elroy Schwartz – who are both writers. Schwartz earned a Master’s degree majoring in Biology.

Concerning his professional career, he started writing jokes for the radio program “Bob Hope”. As people liked them, Sherwood continued writing for other shows, including “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”. Moreover, he was appointed as a writer for the Armed Forces Radio Network. Then he decided to move to television, and began to write for television series in the early 1950s. In this work he was involved from 1954 to 1962 writing 162 episodes for the series “The Red Skelton Show”, and in 1961 he won an Emmy Award for writing for the show. From 1964 to 1967, he created and produced the sitcom “Gilligan’s Island”, and in total 98 episodes were broadcast. Afterwards Schwartz went on creating and producing the award winning sitcom “The Brandy Bunch” (1969 – 1974), which success led to the creation of various spin-off series and films. Both series owned high audience ratings, and they are now considered to be American cultural icons.

He has also created, produced and wrote the western comedy series “Dusty’s Trail” (1973 – 1974), and later worked as a producer and writer of the sitcoms “Harper Valley PTA” (1981 – 1982) and “Together We Stand” (1986 – 1987). In 1990, he wrote the script for the stage show “Gilligan’s Island: The Musical” (1990 – 2011).

From the end of the 1990s and during the 2000s, he made a number of appearances on television shows, talking about his work. He was seen on such shows as “Biography”, “Top Ten” and “Evening News” among others. Sherwood appeared as a guest in TV Land Awards 2004. Overall, all the above mentioned engagements added sums to the size of Schwartz’s net worth.

Finally, in the personal life of Sherwood, he married Mildred Seidman at the end of 1941, and they lived together for almost 70 years and had their four children, as well as his 9 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. On the 12th July 2011, Sherwood Schwartz died during his sleep from natural causes. His body was cremated and rests at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, California.

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