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May 29, 2023
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Rubin Carter was born on the 6th May 1937, in Clifton, New Jersey USA, and was a professional middleweight boxer, best known for being wrongfully convicted of murder, and 20 years later released after a habeas corpus petition. He significantly increased his net worth thanks to his boxing skills. Carter’s career started in 1961 and ended in 1966.He passed away in April 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Have you ever wondered how rich Rubin Carter was at the time of his death? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Rubin Carter’s net worth was as high as $500,000, an amount earned through his successful career as a boxer. In addition to fighting in the ring, Carter was later an executive director of the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted, and also wrote his autobiography.

Rubin Carter Net Worth $500,000

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was born the fourth of seven children, and he had a problematic youth. When he was 11, Carter was sent to juvenile prison after stabbing a man, and later he joined the Army in 1954. Rubin spent some time in basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and then ended in West Germany where began boxing for the US Army. After being labelled unfit for the army, Rubin was discharged in 1956, and back home he continued with his violent behavior, and was sentenced to prison for two muggings.

Carter started his boxing career in 1961 after his release from the jail. Although he was shorter than the average middleweight boxer, he spent all of his pro career boxing in this category. Rubin earned the nickname “Hurricane” thanks to his punching power and aggressive style, often finishing fights with early knockouts. By 1963, Carter had become one of the top boxers in his category, and he challenged rivals such as Florentino Fernandez, Holley Mims, Gomeo Brennan, and George Benton.

In 1964, at his peak, Carter fought Joey Giardello for the championship title, but after starting well in the early rounds, Gardiello took control and won with judges awarding him a unanimous decision. Carter’s career started declining from that point, and he never reached these heights again. He finished his career with 27 wins, 12 losses, and one draw, (8 KOs and 11 TKOs).

In June 1966, two black males entered the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey, and started shooting, killing two people instantly while one victim died a month later due to injuries. Rubin Carter and John Artis were arrested a half hour after the shooting because they drove a similar car to the attackers. Soon after, a .32 calibre gun and a 12-gauge shotgun were found in Carter’s car – the same weapons were used in the shooting.

At first, the witnesses didn’t identify them as the murderers, and they were released, but after several months, eyewitness Alfred Bello told the police that Carter and Artis were the attackers, and after the trial in 1967 – the pair were sentenced to life in prison. After spending almost 20 years in jail, and after two re-trials and many appeals, Carter was finally released in November 1985 as a 48 years old man. Bob Dylan wrote a song about him called “Hurricane” (1975), and Denzel Washington played Carter in the movie “The Hurricane” (1999).

Regarding his personal life, Rubin Carter was married to Mae Thelma Basket from 1963 to 1976 when she divorced him after learning that Carter was unfaithful; they had two children together. Carter found that he had terminal prostate cancer in 2012, and he died two years later in Toronto.

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