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May 4, 2023
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Sheila Escovedo was born on 12 December 1957, in California, USA, of Mexican and African-American descent. Sheila is a drummer, percussionist, and singer, who is probably best known for collaborating with big names such as Prince, Lionel Richie, Ringo Starr, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. She’s also released various singles and albums during her career now spanning over 40 years. All her endeavors have helped put her net worth to where it is now.

How rich is Sheila E? As of mid-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $12 million, mostly earned through a successful career in the music industry. She plays various instruments and has also won numerous awards during her career. She made television appearances too, and all of these have ensured the position of her wealth.

Sheila E. Net Worth $12 Million

Sheila started learning the percussion at a young age, having a father who was a percussionist. She also had an uncle who was part of the band “The Zeros”, and another who was a member of “The Dragons”. She was surrounded by family members who were in the music industry, mostly in rock, punk, and similar genres.

She started her career in 1976, working on “Yesterday’s Dream” with Alphonso Johnson. A few years into her career she was already working with big names such as Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and George Duke. Two years after her debut she met Prince, and would later join his band “Purple Rain”. She provided vocals for a few songs and also started to gain recognition for her own songs such as “The Glamorous Life”, which topped dance charts. She received various nominations in the Grammys and MTV Awards for her songs. She then released “The Belle of St. Mark” while touring with “Purple Rain”.

In 1985, she released another album called “Romance 1600” with the song “Holly Rock” becoming a part of the movie “Krush Groove”. Sheila continued getting nominations, and made more albums, including “Sheila E”. She also appeared in films such as “Sign “O” the Times”, “Chasing Papi” and “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”. She continued being the drummer for Prince, and became a part of the backup band “The New Power Generation”. She also wrote much of Prince’s music and helped develop his songs.

Sheila left the group in 1989 and released “Sex Cymbals” which didn’t get much attention as Sheila was unable to promote it because of her health. In 1996, she played with Namie Amuro and then with Phil Collins for “True Colors”. She’s also seen in the Beyoncé song video “Work It Out”. Aside from these, she became a member of “Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band” in which she played drum duets with Ringo. All benefited her net worth.

She continued to collaborate with other bands and later became a part of “One Nite Alone…Live!” by Prince. She performed with him in various events soon afterwards, and then tried her hand at the country genre, winning the competition “Gone Country”. Sheila toured and performed, releasing EPs and becoming a part of shows including “American Idol”, “The Late Show with David Letterman”, and “Dancing with the Stars”. One of her most recent works is the orchestral soundtrack for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

For her personal life, it is known that she had a brief romance with Prince while he was still in a relationship with Susannah Melvoin, otherwise little is known of her private life. She has her own website – – and has been made an honorary member of various sororities for her humanitarian efforts and contributions to music.

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