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Ringo Starr Net Worth



Richard Starkley Jr.'s Net Worth as of 2024
$380 Million

Born Richard Starkley Jr. on 7 July 1940, in Liverpool, England,  but known by the stage name of Ringo Starr, he is a drummer, songwriter, peace activist, film director, as well as a singer, still best known for his involvement with the legendary rock band called The Beatles. Founded in 1960 in Liverpool, The Beatles also consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, The band rose to prominence in the United Kingdom in 1962, and came to dominate the pop music scene virtually worldwide over most of the next decade.

So just how rich is Ringo Starr, as of mid-2017? According to authoritative sources, Ringo’s net worth is estimated to be $380 million, most of which he accumulated during his direct and later indirect involvement with The Beatles, as well as his solo career. Among Starr’s most valuable assets are properties in London, Monaco and Los Angeles.

Ringo Starr Net Worth $380 Million

Ringo’s parents – Elsie and Richard – enjoyed singing and dancing, but divorced when he was six.  Starr studied at St Silas, and later at Dingle Vale secondary modern school, but his education was hindered by serious bouts of appendicitis and tuberculosis, however, while recovering from the latter, he was introduced to drumming, in which he became increasingly interested. Leaving school early, he had several menial jobs, but also as an apprentice machinist where he joined other young apprentices to form Edie Clayton and the Clayton Squares, playing skiffle at local venues, facilitated by an old drum kit given to Ringo by his stepfather, Harry Graves. Joining Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, more permanent venues and some success saw them playing in Europe, including with the fledgling Beatles in Hamburg, with whom Ringo also collaborated – he subsequently joined the band in 1962, having somewhat reluctantly given-up his apprenticeship after four years of a five-year course. However, his net worth was about to really take-off!

With the release of a the single called “Love Me Do”, The Beatles had their first hit song, and a year later in 1963, the group released their debut album called “Please Please Me”, which was later included in a list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. The Beatles reached international fame in 1965, with the release of the “Rubber Soul” album, which sold more than six million copies in the US alone. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” came out in 1967, to positive feedback and considerable  commercial success – the album maintained the #1 position on the music charts in the UK for 22 consecutive weeks, won four Grammy Awards, and is now recognised by authoritative publications worldwide as the greatest album of the pop era. The album featured such hit songs as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, “A Day in the Life”, “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”. The Beatles subsequently released twelve albums, the last in 1970 under the title “Let It Be”, which produced a popular single of the same name. The group broke up shortly afterwards in 1970, while its members went on to launch solo careers, all helping increase their net worth.

Even though he is best known as a member of “The Beatles”, Ringo Starr managed to launch a successful solo career as well. His debut solo album came out the same year that The Beatles broke up, in 1970, under the title of “Sentimental Journey”, which met with fairly positive reviews, despite some critics being displeased with its odd composition. To date, Ringo Starr has released 17 solo albums, the most recent of which is entitled “Ringo 2012”. His net worth benefited somewhat from all his efforts.

Over the years, Ringo has also collaborated with numerous high profile artists, including former Beatles George Harrison and Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Elton John and Jeff Lynne among many others, and has also participated in several charity concerts, plus the “Concert for George” following Harrison’s death in 2001. He also formed, and has periodically toured with Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band.

Starr has been the winner of 10 Grammy Awards, and has succeeded in selling 600 million albums worldwide, mostly with The Beatles. Among many awards, Ringo was rewarded with an MBE by The Queen in 1965, and inducted as a solo artist into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2015 – The Beatles were inducted in 1992.

In his personal life, Ringo Starr was married to Maureen Cox (1965-75) with whom he has three sons – son Zak is also a drummer. He married American actress and model Barbara Bach in 1981, and having both recovered from alcoholism in the ’80s, they divide their time between their residences in Surrey, Monte Carlo and Los Angeles. They launched the Lotus Foundation charity, and are consistent contributors to various causes.

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Milla Jovovich Net Worth



Milla Natasha Jovovich was born on 17 December 1975, in Kiev, Ukraine (then in the USSR), and is a model, actress and singer, perhaps best known for her breakthrough role in the film “The Fifth Element” in 1997, with Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman.

So just how rich is Milla Jovovich, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Milla has a net worth of over $45 million, accumulated from her various career elements spanning almost 30 years since she began modelling in 1987.

Milla Jovovich Net Worth $45 Million

Milla had a really unusual childhood, maybe that’s one of the reasons for her multi-million dollar net worth. Jovovich started her carrier in modeling from the early age of nine, a few years after she and her parents moved from Ukraine, which at that time belonged to the Soviet Union, to Los Angeles, California, in 1980. She even dropped out of school at the age of 12, when Gene Lemuel discovered her, and she signed a contract with Prima Modeling Agency. Milla Jovovich  was covered by magazines including Vogue, Glamour, Madmoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and has been advertising brands including L’oreal, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Donna Koran, Revlon for many years.

However, exclusive looks and beauty was not the only value she had: Milla Jovovich has a great voice, a talent to write songs, design fashion and find herself in acting as well. Milla started her acting career in 1988 in the film “Two Moon Junction”, but the roles that gave this girl much more attention were in “Dazed and Confused” in 1993 and “The Fifth Element” in 1997 directed by Luc Besson, in which she worked with Bruce Willis. Of course, subsequently all five films based on “Resident Evil” made Milla Jovovich’s popularity and net worth go through the roof. The original movie was so successful that it was even turned into a video game.

Between her acting in those two movies, Milla tried the shoes of a singer and a song writer, and released her debut album – “The Divine Comedy – which was really appreciated by the audience and critics and even received positive feedback from Rolling Stone magazine’s, John McAlley; in his opinion the album was remarkable. In 1999 Milla Jovovich became a member of the band named Plastic Has Memory, and performed some gigs in New York and Las Vegas, but unfortunately not with her new band, and Milla has never released a second album.

As for her career in fashion, Milla launched her first line in 2003, and her brand was successful until 2008 when she decided to close her business because of lack of time, which is perhaps no surprise, assuming that all of her free time was taken-up by her daughter Ever Gabo Anderson, who was born in 2007.

As for other details of Milla’s personal life, aside from several well-known relationships, she has married three times, all husbands met when taking some part in films in which she was acting. She first married Shawn Andrews in 1992, which was apparently quickly annulled by her mother; ironically, he and Milla were starring in “Dazed and Confused”! The second was with the director of “The Fifth Element” – Luc Besson (1997-99), and she has been married to Paul W. S. Anderson, who worked with Jovovich on the set of “Resident Evil”, since 2009, and he is the father of her two daughters. The family is based in Los Angeles.

Milla is something of a philanthropist too, and often participates in and supports various charities including UNICEF, World Education, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and many more.

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Tracy Byrd Net Worth



Tracy Lynn Byrd was born on 17 December 1966, in Vidor, Texas USA, and is a country music artist, best known for releasing hit songs including “Holdin’ Heaven” and “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo”. He’s signed to MCA Nashville Records; all of his endeavors have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Tracy Byrd? As of early-2017, sources estimate a net worth that is at $10 million, mostly earned through a successful career in country music. He’s had more than 30 hit singles and has a double platinum certification from one of his albums. As he continues his career it is expected that his wealth will increase.

Tracy Byrd Net Worth $10 million

Tracy attended Vidor High School, and after matriculating in 1985, went to Lamar University, and then to Texas State University to study business. During his time there, he performed with a local band called Rimfire; during a recording session at a local mall, he performed a cover of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” which impressed the studio owner, who then submitted his cover to a local contest, and it led to Byrd being signed by MCA Records in 1992.

In the same year, Tracy released his first single entitled “That’s the Thing About a Memory”. His first few songs would not hit the Top 40 charts; but in 1993 he released the hit “Holdin’ Heaven”., included on his self-titled debut album which would go on to get gold certification. He followed it up with another album release called “No Ordinary Man”, which would become his highest selling album, earning double-platinum certification having sold over two million copies in the US. All of the singles he released from the album charted, and the song “The Keeper of the Stars” won a Country Music Association award for Song of the Year. In 1995, he released his third album – “Love Lessons” – but it had a decline in popularity, although still earning gold certification, and it led to a fourth album entitled “Big Love”. The lead single of the album reached the Top Five along with the song “Don’t Take Her She’s All I Got”. His final studio album for MCA was released in 1997, and was entitled “I’m from the Country”. His net worth was rising steadily.

In 1999, Byrd was signed by RCA Records and worked on the album “It’s About Time”, which featured more country pop songs, but no singles reached the Top 40. Three years later he worked on “Ten Rounds” which went back to the traditional country sound, and this time songs hit the charts, especially “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo” which became his second number one hit. In 2003, he released “The Truth About Men”, which featured artists such as Blake Shelton and Montgomery Gentry; he had another top 10 hit in “Drinkin’ Bone”. The following year, he released a greatest hit albums, and it was followed by the album “Different Things” which was produced by the Blind Mule label. His net worth continued to improve.

For his personal life, it is known that Tracy is married to Michelle since 1991,and they have two children. The family resides in Beaumont, Texas. In 2009, he took a break from the music industry to take care of his family. Byrd has also been known to do charity work, hosting an annual music event as well as becoming a National Spokesperson for the Special Olympics.

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