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January 31, 2023
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Shaun Paul Cassidy, born on the 27th September 1958, is an American actor, producer and former singer, perhaps still best known for his albums “Shaun Cassidy” and “Born Late”, and his part in the television show “The Hardy Boys Mysteries”.

So how much is Cassidy’s net worth? As of 2017, it is reported to be $25 million, gained mostly from his long career as an actor and singer and his works as a producer, which began in the mid-1970s.

Shaun Cassidy Net Worth $25 Million

Born in Los Angeles, California, Cassidy came into a family of performers; his father, the late Jack Cassidy, was a singer and actor and his mother, Shirley Jones, a singer and actor as well, plus his older half-brother David lead the way into music and performing, so there is no surprise that from the early age of 11, Cassidy was already playing with his own band. In 1975, still in his high school years, Cassidy was discovered by Mike Curb and signed to a contract with Warner Bros. Records.

Soon after his contract signing, in 1976 he released his debut self-titled album, which actually first made its way up the charts in Europe and Australia, before it was released in the next year in the US, and became a multi-platinum success, with Cassidy even nominated for a Grammy Award as Best New Artist. The performance of the album catapulted Cassidy to major success, making him a teen idol of his time, and helping tremendously in establishing his net worth.

Following this success, in 1977 Cassidy released his second album entitled “Born Late”, which also became a hit among fans, with his singles “Hey Deanie” and “Do You Believe in Magic” topping the charts. The same year Cassidy was also cast to play the part of Joe Hardy in the television series “The Hardy Boys Mysteries”, opposite actor Parker Stevenson – the two played sleuthing brothers who solve mysteries every week. Although the show only lasted for three seasons, Cassidy proved that he was a certified actor. The success of the second album together with his first television show also increased Cassidy’s wealth.

After “The Hardy Boys Mysteries”, Cassidy became a regular in television shows. In 1980, he became part of the series “Breaking Away”, but that only lasted for one season, and he also did a short stint in the medical drama “General Hospital”. Cassidy tried to come back into the world of music, but his third and fourth albums performed poorly in sales and therefore music charts.

Shaun  then made his way to Broadway, appearing in various productions including “Mass Appeal”, “Pass/Fail”, “Bus Stop” and “Blood Brothers” to name a few. During the late ”90’s Cassidy transitioned to working behind the camera, pursuing a career as a producer. Today, he is credited to have co-written and produced shows including “American Gothic”, “Cover Me”, “Ruby and The Rockits” and “Hysteria”. His works as a producer have maintained his net worth through the years.

In terms of his personal life, Cassidy has been married to Tracey Lynne Turner since 2004 and together they have four children. He also has two children from his marriage to Anne Pennington(1979-93) and a daughter with second wife Susan Diol (1995-2003).

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