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May 4, 2023
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Norm Macdonald was born on 17 October 1963 in Quebec City, Ontario Canada, and is an actor, comedian and writer, probably most recognized from his appearance in the TV show “Saturday Night Live”. Norm has been on the show for five seasons and is most famous for hosting a segment called “Weekend Update.”

So just how rich is Norm Macdonald? Sources estimate that Norm has a net worth of $2 million, earned by working in various parts of the entertainment industry over almost 30 years. Considering his popularity and achievements, Norm Macdonald’s net worth could be much higher, but he is known to spend a lot of his money gambling.

Norm MacDonald Net Worth $2 Million

Norm Macdonald but was actually raised in Ottawa, which is where Norm started his career as a comedian by performing stand-up in various clubs of the city. He was noticed as a promising comedian in 1987 when he participated in Just for Laughs Comedy Festival which took place in Montreal. Since then Macdonald has enjoyed success in the world of comedy, but the real career jump happened in 1993 when he joined the famous show “Saturday Night Live”. That is when Norm Macdonald’s net worth began piling up and his fame rising. He started from comically portraying such celebrities as Larry King, Bob Dole, David Letterman and many others. Later Macdonald took the place of Kevin Nealon as a host of the “Weekend Update” section, and held this job for three seasons. Macdonald became known for ridiculing public figures and celebrities and making satirical jokes regarding political issues. For example, in one of his most notorious pieces, Norm has called Michael Jackson a “homosexual pedophile”. Norm Macdonald was fired from “Saturday Night Live” in 1997, a decision made by show executive Don Ohlmeyer. Even though his five year job in “Saturday Night Live” helped Norm Macdonald to accumulate considerable net worth, it is known that most of it he had wasted on gambling. Reportedly, Norm Macdonald had been going to the casino after the shooting of every episode of the show, a habit that prevented him from accumulating as big a net worth as he could have.

Norm Macdonald’s career did not end with “Saturday Night Live”. He did not move to any other competing show, but instead started his own, called “The Norm Show”, a sitcom which ran on ABC from 1999 to 2001. In the show Norm starred with other performers such as Artie Lange and Laurie Metcalf. Even though “The Norm Show” did not last very long, Norm Macdonald has subsequently been involved in numerous other projects on TV as well as the big screen, including his work in the shows “High Stakes Poker”, “Sports Show with Norm Macdonald” and others, thus considerably increasing his net worth.

Macdonald has also voiced characters in “Dr. Dolitle” movies, “Family Guy” series and others, appeared in various TV shows including three shows produced by Adam Sandler. Macdonald has also worked as a host of several shows as well as appearing as a guest in other popular shows, including those hosted by Conan O’Brien who mentions Macdonald as one of his favorite comedians. All projects have contributed to Norm’s net worth.

In his sometime private life, Norm MacDonald was married to Connie in 1988, but they divorced after having a son together.


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