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March 6, 2024
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Sebastian Vettel is a Heppenheim Hesse-born German race car driver who is currently driving in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari. Born on 3 July 1987, Sebastian holds German ancestry and is better known for being the four times Formula One World Champion. One of the most successful race car drivers in history, Sebastain has been active in his profession since 2006.

A record-holding race car driver in Formula One, one may wonder how rich is Sebastian? As of early 2016, Sebastian counts his net worth at the amount of $50 million. Needless to say, the major source of income for his net worth is obviously his involvement in car racing for more than nine years. His various race wins and prize money have been significant in adding to Sebastian’s net worth over the years.

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth $50 Million

Raised in Heppenheim, Sebastian was attracted towards racing at the very young age of three-and-a-half, and started racing in karts series in 1995, before being recruited into the Red Bull Junior Team in 1998. He started winning at various venues in his junior years, including the Junior Monaco Kart Cup in 2001, and 2004 German Formula BMW Championship. Having made a pretty impressive profile as a junior racer, Sebastian went on to race in Formula One in 2006. At the time, he was the youngest driver ever to race in Formula One, at just 19 years and 53 days old. This was the pivotal point in his life when he not only entered Formula One as a professional driver, but the time when his net worth started to rise exponentially.

Naturally Sebastian became the youngest person to win Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix in 2008. Until today, Sebastian has now won 42 races, and accumulated four Formula One World Championships, continuously from 2010 to 2013, and is recognised as one of the best and most successful drivers in the sport’s history, and one with a high net worth. Currently Sebastian has signed to the Ferrari Formula One team, for whom he raced in 2015 and is continuing with in 2016.

For his contributions to the sport, Sebastian has been honored at times with numerous titles and awards. He was named Rookie of the Year at Autosport Awards in 2008 and was also voted the German Sports Personality of the Year in 2010. In addition to these, he was also voted F1 driver of the year for three years in 2009, 2011 and 2013. His accolades include the highest sports award in Germany, the Silberne Lorbeerblatt which he earned in 2012. Of course, all of these honors and awards have encouraged Sebastian to become more and more successful in his career as a race car driver, and helped him add to his net worth.

As for his personal life, this 28 years old sportsperson is in a relationship with his childhood friend Hanna Prater, is the father of two daughter who he shares with his partner. As of now, Sebastian Vettel enjoys his career as one of the most successful Formula One drivers ever while his present net worth of $50 million caters to his daily life in every possible way.

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