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February 8, 2023
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Lecrae Moore was born on 9 October 1979, in Houston, Texas USA, the rapper Lecrae is also a record producer, and is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Reach Records, an independent record label founded in 2004 by Lecrae and Ben Washer, specializing in Christian hip hop. The company also works with such celebrities as Derek Minor, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, KB Tedashii, and hip hop band 116 Clique. Lecrae is also a president of the non-profit organization ReachLife Ministries.

How rich is  Lecrae Moore? Sources estimate that Lecrae’s net worth is currently $3 million, almost all his wealth having been earned through his career as a singer and record producer.

Lecrae Net Worth $3 Million

Lecrae was raised largely by his single mother and god-fearing grandmother, but at that point did not find religion of much interest, so turned to music for inspiration while also moving between various cities including San Diego, Denver and Dallas. At 17 or 18, Lecrae decided that he needed to focus, and did this through church, eventually meeting his fiture wife at a bible-reading class.

Of course, Lecrae’s involvement in music, particularly rap, started his net worth growing.  Through Reach Records Lecrae has released several albums: “Real Talk” (2005), “After the Music Stops” (2006), “Rebel” (2008), “Rehab” (2010), “Rehab: The Overdose” (2011), “Gravity” (2012), and “Anomaly” (2014), which have proven very popular in the music industry, and obviously contributing significantly to Lecrae’s net worth.

Lecrae’s albums have received several nominations too: for example “Rebel” was acknowledged as the first Christian hip hop album to reach the top on the Billboard Gospel chart; “Rehab” was nominated at the 53rd Grammy Awards; and “Gravity” is considered to be one of the most important albums in Christian hip hop history, and which received a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album. Such fame of his albums purports the amount of Lecrae’s net worth.

Lecrae increased his net worth even more when the mixtaped albums “Church Clothes” (2012) and “Church Clothes Vol. 2” (2013), both hosted by DJ Don Cannon, were released. The first mixtape was very successful: in the first 48 hours it was downloaded over 100,000 times.

Lecrae is also famous for his roles in films. A couple of short documentaries helped Lecrae to accumulate earnings towards his net worth: “Welcome to the Family Documentary” (2012), “Everything Must Go” (2013), and “The Cross” (2013). Lecrae also appeared in the TV documentary “Uprise Presents: Word From the Street” (2008), a short film by 116 Clique “Man up” (2011), and the TV film ”A Cross to Bear” (2012).

Probably, it was his unique music style that let Lecrae earn so much money and so increase his net worth: it is Southern hip hop mixed with hardcore hip hop, gangsta rap and crunk. Lecrae is also popular for modernizing Christian music.

For the record, Lecrae`s “Hallelujah” and “Tell the World” were acknowledged as Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Songs of the Year, respectively in 2012 and 2013.

As regards Lecrae`s personal life, he is married to Darragh Moore; the couple has three children and currently reside in Atlanta.

Things were not always so smooth in Lecrae’s private life. When a teenager, Lecrae was a drug dealer and a drug-addict, too. However, Lecrae started to believe in God. This definitely prevented him from the moral and personal decline, and, there are no doubts it was the right decision in Lecrae`s life to relate to God and to focus on Christian music. Currently, along with his wife Darragh Lecrae, he is a member of Blueprint Church.

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