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April 10, 2023
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Samuel Pack Elliott was born on the 9th August 1944, in Sacramento, California USA, and  is an actor well known for portraying ranchers and cowboys. Sam Elliott has been accumulating his net worth landing roles on television and in the cinema since 1968.

So just how rich is Sam Elliot? $16 million is the estimated sum by sources, of Sam’s net worth which he has managed to accumulate over his long spanned career.

Sam Elliott Net Worth $16 Million

To begin with, Sam Elliot was raised in Sacramento, and then Oregon as his family moved there in the years of his adolescence. Sam was educated at David Douglas High School in Portland, and at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. While still a student he performed in the play “Guys and Dolls”, and then read a very positive review about his acting in a local newspaper, which inspired him to pursue a career in acting, resulting in millions appearing in his net worth.

Sam Elliot signed a contract with the film company 20th Century Fox in 1968, which firmly established his net worth. He received episodic roles in television series “Felony Squad” (1968–1969), “Land of the Giants” (1969), “Judd, for the Defense” (1969), and “Lancer” (1969), then debuted on the big screen appearing in a minor role in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (1969), on the set of which he met his future wife, Katharine Ross. Later, they appeared together in the horror film “The Legacy” (1978) directed by Richard Marquand, the television films “Murder in Texas” (1981) directed by William Hale, “The Shadow Riders” (1982) directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, “Travis McGee” (1983) directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and “Conagher” (1991) directed by Reynaldo Villalobos; the latter was also produced and co-written by Elliot, and  he was nominated for the Golden Globe as the Best Supporting Actor in TV Film. All these roles added considerably to Sam’s net worth.

The versatility Elliot demonstrated saw him landing roles in the television series “Mission: Impossible” (1970–1971) created by Bruce Geller, starring alongside Ray Milland and Joan Van Ark in the horror film “Frogs” (1972) directed by George McCowan, landing the main role in the drama film “Mask” (1985) directed by Peter Bogdanovich, and starring in the miniseries “A Death in California” (1985) directed by Delbert Mann. Elliot was nominated for the Critics Choice Award and WAFCA Award after landing the role in Jason Reitman’s film “Up in the Air” (2009).

After appearing in more than 50 films on the big screen, and the same number of TV shows, series and documentaries – an indication of his versatility and popularity – Sam Elliot was rewarded with nominations for Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards after starring in the television film “Buffalo Girls” (1995) directed by Rod Hardy. Finally, Elliot won the Critics’ Choice Television Award as the Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series for his role of Avery Markham in television drama series “Justified” (2015). Currently, he is working voicing Ward Hill Lamon in the documentary film “The Gettysburg Address”, due for release in late in 2018.

In the personal life of Sam Elliot, he married the actress Katharine Ross in 1984. The same year their daughter Cleo Rose Elliot was born, and she is now a musician.

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