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June 3, 2023
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David James Elliott was born on the 21st September 1960, in Milton, Ontario Canada, and is an actor, well known for starring in the television series “JAG” (1995 – 2005). Elliott is the winner of TV Guide Award in the category of the Favourite Male Actor in a Drama in 2000. David James has been active in the entertainment industry since 1986.

How much is the net worth of David James Elliott? It has been calculated by authoritative sources that the total size of his wealth is as much as $15 million, as of the data presented in the middle of 2016. Acting is the main source of Elliott’s wealth.

David James Elliott Net Worth $15 Million

To begin with, he is the second of three children raised in Elliotts’ family. As a teenager, David was interested in rock’ n’ roll music and was the leader of a group, so left school to devote himself to music. David and his group played in the clubs of Toronto, changed its name several times, before eventually dissolving. Elliott abandoned music and returned to Milton to finish high school. His teacher, impressed by his performance in the play “King Lear”, encouraged him to choose the actor’s path. He entered the Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto, and subsequently David took part in Canada’s Stratford Festival in Ontario. More, he won the Jean Chalmers Award in the category of the Best Hope.

Afterwards, he starred in a short film in which he was noticed by one of the producers of Street Legal. He received an offer to portray Toronto police officer Nick Holgado in the CBC television series “Street Legal” (1987 – 1994). Then in 1990, Elliott tried his luck in Hollywood without success. He made several appearances in feature films and television series, yet only as a guest artist. Then he landed the main role in the series “The Untouchables” (1992 – 1993), and in the following years, Elliott was cast in a recurring role in the hit series “Melrose Place” (1994 – 1995). The greatest success in his career has without a doubt been the series “JAG” (1995 – 2005), playing the lead role of Harmon Rabb Jr, which significantly boosted his net worth.

Meanwhile, David also appeared in a number of television films, including “Dodson’s Journey” (2001), “Code 11 – 14” (2003), “The Stranger I Married” (2005), “Sixty Minute Man” (2006) as well as in the feature films “Clockwatchers” (1997), “Stanley’s Gig” (2000) and “The Shrink Is In” (2001). In 2008, he began the recurring role of David Renwald in the series “The Guard”, as well as creating the role on Morgan Roberts in the film “The Rainbow Tribe”. In 2009, David James starred in the miniseries “Impact”, “Knights of Bloodsteel” and “The Storm”. The following year, he had the main role in the ABC series “Scoundrels” (2010) and created the lead role in the horror film “Terror Trap” (2010) written and directed by Dan Garcia.

Recently, Elliot was cast as the main in the drama film “Trumbo” (2015) by Jay Roach. To conclude, all the aforementioned roles have increased the outright size of David James Elliott.

Finally, in the personal life of the actor, he married the actress Nanci Chambers in 1992. Their daughter Stephanie was born in 1993, and 10 years later their son Wyatt was born.

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