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August 31, 2023
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Rufa Mae Quinto is a Pasadena, California-born Filipino-American actress, television host, comedian as well as an occasional singer. Born on 28 May 1978 to Filipino parents, Quinto has been prominent in showbiz since 1994. One of the highly regarded actresses in the Philippines, Quinto has dual citizenship of both the USA and the Philippines.

One of the few names in the Philippines who have managed to succeed in almost every sector of showbiz, how rich is Rufa Mae Quinto as of now? In early 2016, she counts her net worth at $5 million. Needless to say, her involvement in the field of entertainment for the past two decades has been the major contributor to her rising wealth. Her being a part of successful movies like “Oh My Ghost”, “Desperadas” and several more has been very significant in adding to her net worth.

Rufa Mae Quinto Net Worth $5 Million

Raised in the USA and the Philippines, Rufa was inclined towards showbiz from her teenage days. She initiated her career in acting at the age of sixteen, and was eventually noticed when she performed in the movie “Gloria, Gloria Labandera” in 1997. As the movie gave her a breakthrough as an actress in the entertainment sector of the Philippines, Rufa then appeared in several movies; some of the major films that she performed in during the initial phase of her career include “Dyesebel”, “Pipti Pipti”, “Maglapalad”, “Bullet” and several others. At this stage of her career, Rufa’s net worth began to rise as she gradually became an established actress in the Philippines.

During the 2000s, Rufa appeared in several more movies including “Booba”, “Radyo”, “Captian Barbell”, “D’ Anothers”, “I.T.A.L.Y”, “Wapakman”, “Kimmy Dora” and several more. More recently, she has been prominent in Filipino movies as a part of recent releases including “Raketeros”, “My Big Bossing Adventures”, “Temptation Island” and several more. All have added steadily to her net worth.

Apart from being a highly regarded actress in movies, she has also been prominent on television since the beginning of her acting career. On television, she has performed in various series including “Bubble Gang”, “Kool Ka Lang”, “Marinara”, “Hocus Pocus” among many others. Needless to say, all of these projects have made significant contributions to Rufa’s rising net worth.

In addition to this, she has also been singing occasionally in her movies, and has hosted several television programs, including “Wil Time Big Time”, “Wowowillie” and more recently “Wowowin”. During her career, she has also been rewarded with various awards including eight PMPC Star Awards for TV for her impressive acting in shows like “Ispup”, “Hokus Pokus” and “Bubble Gang”. She also earned ENPRESS Golden Screen Entertainment TV Awards in 2004 and a PMPC Star Awards for Movies in 2000. Obviously, these projects and awards have helped Rufa earn her position as an established actress in the movie industry.

Talking about her personal life, Quinto is the second cousin of Jean Garcia, another Filipina actress. For now, 37 years-old Rufa has been dating Hong Kong-based actor, Bobby Lopez. She has been enjoying her life as a successful actress in the Philippines while her present net worth of $5 million has been catering to her daily life.

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