Roy Garber Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Roy Garber was an independent shipper and a reality star, born in 1964 and best known for being a participant of the popular reality TV series “Shipping Wars”, in which he was referred to as “The Handyman”. He passed away in 2014.

Have you ever wondered how rich Roy Garber was? According to sources, it has been estimated that Roy Garber’s overall net worth was over $800,000, acquired through his transport company operaions, and by becoming a participant in a popular TV series reality show, and so gaining significant popularity among viewing audiences. Other than that, Roy earned his net worth through various trades and jobs including trapping alligators, and transporting them of course!

Roy Garber Net Worth $800 000

Garber was an independent shipper and the owner of Arbie’s Team Transport Company, which secured him the way to becoming one of the best paid in the field of shipping. Roy ran the business along with his son Travis, whom he introduced to the company business from an early age. The company would ship unusual and remarkable items from and to various destinations around the world, as well as around the US, turned his initial hobby and passion for shipping unusual items into a full-time job, which contributed substantially to his net worth.

Additionally, Garber ran a small home building and re-modeling company, which also helped his finances. However, Roy really came to attention of the public when he became a participant in the A&E reality TV series “Shipping Wars” in January 2012. The show follows several independent carriers who make money by transporting items that traditional carriers won’t transport for a variety of reasons. The contestants compete for loads in timed auctions which are conducted by the world’s biggest online auction house – uShip – for independent truckers. Due to his experience, throughout the series Roy became known as a “jack of all trades” and was described as “a major know-it-all”. He had background of experience in several fields, from TIG welding to catching alligators, and in the series, he showed there wasn’t a load or a situation he couldn’t deal with. During his participation in the show, Roy always traveled with his cat, Muffy, during his participation in “Shipping Wars” for five seasons, until his death in 2014.

Ray was rushed to a Texas hospital after suffering a massive heart attack, but doctors were unable to save his life, and Roy died at the age of 49 on 17th January 2014, in Austin, Texas, USA. Following this event, his family and friends told the press he had an ongoing heart condition, and had already suffered from a heart attack in the past.

Aside from shipping and his home remodeling business, Roy enjoyed scuba diving and deep sea fishing. He liked to spend time searching for various forms of undersea life, such as the largest shark in the gulf coast of Florida. He had a longtime girlfriend and a son, whom he raised on his own for nearly 18 years.

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