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December 31, 2023
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Alessandro Federico Petricone, Jr. was born on 29 February 1936, in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA, and as Alex Rocco donned the hat of an actor and his career spanned over five decades.
Unfortunately, he isn’t with us anymore as he crossed the great divide in 2015. However, he was able to leave a legacy behind and he will be forever remembered for his portrayal of the character, Moe Green, in the highly acclaimed movie, “The Godfather.” He will also be remembered for his strong Bostonian accent, thick, black eyebrows, and deep, raspy voice.

So, how much was Alex Rocco worth before passing away? Authoritative sources estimate Rocco´s fortune to be worth over $800,000 mark; he made most of his fortune appearing in over 60 films and making appearances in 46 TV shows and series.

Alex Rocco Net Worth $800,000

Alex Rocco had a terrible upbringing as he was a hanger-on with the Boston Gang, Winter Hill Gang; a series of unfortunate events even led to his arrest. Upon release, he went to California in 1962 and changed his name to Alex Rocco, and initially served as a bartender to pay his bills while struggling to make it as an actor. He only got offers to make appearances in TV series in the late 60s, meantime in order to curb his thick Boston accent, the man even took lessons from the renowned Leonard Nimoy and Jeff Corey.

The man hit the jackpot in 1972 with the opportunity to star as the sly Las Vegas syndicate boss in “The Godfather.” He found his comfortable niche through his portrayal of Moe Green in the aforementioned movie and followed it up with similar performances in “Smokin´Aces,” “That Thing You Do!,” and “The Outside Man”, considerably lifting his net worth.

Alex Rocco soon made the smooth transition to the smaller screen, impressing audiences worldwide with his performances in the series “The Famous Teddy Z,” being bestowed upon with an Emmy award for his role in the aforementioned series. In addition, Alex also had recurring roles in “Sibs,” “The George Carlin Show,” “The Simpsons,” and “The Facts of Life.” Before passing away, Rocco stated that his eight-line voice recording gig in the 1998 Disney/Pixar animation, “A Bug´s Life,” was his “greatest prize in life.” He was paid a whopping $1 million for his services!

Talking about his personal life, he was married three times, firstly to Grace Petricone in the early 1960s, with whom he had a daughter. After his move to California, he tied the knot again, this time to Sandra Elaine in 1964, and the two of them were apparently happy until Sandra´s demise on 12 June 2002 from cancer; Sandra bore him a son and a daughter, and he also adopted her son, from a previous relationship. He married Shannon Wilcox in 2005, and they were together until on 18 July 2015, Alex Rocco took his last breath, and passed away in Studio City, Los Angeles, owing to complications that arose from pancreatic cancer. The actor was 79-years-old at the time of his death.

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