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July 20, 2023
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Malinda Gayle McCready was born on 30 November 1975, in Fort Myers, Florida USA. Mindy was a famous country singer, known for releasing such albums as “Ten Thousand Angels”, “I’m Still Here”, “If I Don’t Stay the Night” and others. Despite the success she had, Mindy also had her own personal problems and was probably not able to solve them as in 2013 she ended her life. It is very sad, that this young and talented woman took this decision and now her fans will not be able to hear any new songs created by her.

Mindy McCready Net Worth $200,000

So how rich was Mindy McCready? Sources have estimated that Mindy’s net worth was $200,000. It is quite a small sum of money for a singer, and as she is now dead there is no chance that this sum will grow. All of Mindy’s activities were related to music, so there is no surprise that the main source of Mindy’s net worth was her career as a singer.

Mindy began singing when she was only three years old. Mindy left school at 16 to focus on her career as a singer. Soon she signed a contract with “BNA Records”. In 1996 she released her first album, entitled “Ten Thousand Angels”. It was very successful and added a lot to Mindy McCready’s net worth. One year later, Mindy released her second album, which included such singles as “You’ll Never Know”, “What If I Do” and “The Other Side of This Kiss”. In 1999 Mindy released the album called “I’m Not So Tough”, which also increased her net worth. In 2008 she announced that she was working on her fifth album, which was released in 2010. In addition to this, Mindy appeared in such shows as “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”, “Celebrity Close Calls”, “The View” and others. These appearances also had an impact on the growth of Mindy McCready’s net worth. As soon as Mindy started having serious problems in her personal life in the early 2000s, her popularity decreased and she rarely appeared in public.

Mindy McCready’s personal life was a litany of difficulties in relationships, which lead to her demise at 37 years of age. She was once engaged to Dean Cain, but they soon broke up. Mindy was then in a tempestuous relationship with William Patrick McKnight, with whom she had a son. She also had another son with David Wilson, who was found dead in 2013. Mindy very publicly had many problems with drugs and alcohol, attempting suicide several times, until in 2013 she was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, apparently precipitated by Wilson’s death. All in all, Mindy’s life story is a really sad one, as she was not able to get through her problems. Let’s hope that she will be remembered for her talent and not for her flaws.

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