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Who is Robb Wells?

Robert Christopher ‘Robb’ Wells is an actor and screenwriter, who gained popularity portraying Ricky in the Canadian sitcom “Trailer Park Boys”. He’s also known as a co-founder of, the subscription-based website that he and his co-stars from “Trailer Park Boys” launched. Robb was born under the Zodiac sign Libra on 28 October 1972, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. As of 2022, he’ll be 50 years old; he holds American nationality.

Early life and Family

The names of his parents remain a mystery, but it’s known that Robb’s father was a forensic expert who worked with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

At the age of eight, the family moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Reportedly, during his high school days, he was very interested in sports, especially soccer, and later made it to the Nova Scotia provincial team.

In high school, he met his life-long friends and partners John Paul Trembley and Mike Clattenburg, who would later be his co-stars in “Trailer Park Boys”. As a group, they were known as jokers, often pulling practical jokes and pranks, which would later get them into trouble, similar to the situations and characters they played on the show.

After matriculating, he enrolled at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia, and graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Commerce.

The Beginnings of his career and “Trailer Park Boys”

Before launching their acting careers, Robb, Mike and John ran a restaurant together. Robb launched his acting career in 1995, collaborating with Mike and Jon on the short movie “The Cart Boy”, in which he played the character Ricky for the first time. In 1998, they filmed another short comedy movie, “One Last Shot”, directed by Mike and starring Robb and John.


The following year, Robb reprised the role of Ricky in the comedy movie “Trailer Park Boys”. It follows a petty felon, Julian, played by John Trembley, who hires a crew to film a documentary about him, his life in the trailer, and his friends.

The film, regarded as the spiritual ‘pilot’ for the series, did not gain popularity or become a commercial success, but it caught the attention of actor/director Barrie Dunn, who saw an enormous potential for filming a similarly-themed series.

The trio and Barrie pitched the idea to The Comedy Network, but were turned down. Finally, the executive producers for the Showcase Television channel recognized the marketability and the potential of the show, and gave them a commitment to a first season.

The series “Trailor Park Boys” premiered in 2001, with slight changes compared to the movie.

The show starred Robb as Ricky LaFleur, John Paul Trembley as Julian with the addition of the third character, Bubbles, portrayed by Mike Smith. The series follows three felons who have a documentary made about their lives, set in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The show ran for 12 seasons – the first seven seasons originally on Showcase channel, earning the title as their highest-rated Canadian series. Later in 2008, it was picked up by Netflix, and the series continued for another five seasons, concluding in 2018. Besides becoming a huge commercial success, the show spawned several spin-offs and films. Regarded as one of Canada’s most enduring pop-culture productions, it aired in various other countries around the globe, including Israel, New Zealand and Germany.


Other Roles

In 2002 he had a minor role in the independent coming-of-age drama movie “Virginia’s Run”, alongside Lindze Letherman, Rachel Skarsten, and Gabriel Byrne. Robb then shared the screen with Mike and John in several films spawned from “Trailer Park Boys”, including “Hearth of Dartmouth: Life of a Trailer Park Girl”, “Trailer Park Boys 10”, and “Trailer Park Boys: Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys”.

He also reprised his role as Ricky in “The Movie” (2006), which was a huge commercial and critical success, earning three nominations for the prestigious Canadian Genie Award. The movie was followed by two sequels entitled “Countdown to Liquor Day” (2009), and “Don’t Legalize It” (2014).

In 2009, Robb portrayed Jimmy the Gofer in the movie “The Boondock Saint II: All Saints Day”, sharing the scene with Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and Julie Benz.

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Two years later, he was cast as Logan in the action/ exploitation film “Hobo with a Shotgun”, followed by his appearance as Stabby Brutto in the movie “The Drunk and On Drugs”. Robb then appeared in other movies, including “Jackhammer”, “The Back Nine”, and “Would You Rather”.

Since 2014, he has starred mainly in “Trailer Park” movies, projects, and spin-offs, including “Swearnet: The Movie”, “Trailer Park Boys: Live at the North Pole”, and “Swearnet Live”.

Latest Roles

In 2019, he voiced the Ricky LaFleur character in the animated series “Trailer Park Boys: Animated Series”, which ran for two seasons, concluding in 2020.


In January 2021, Robb, Mike, and John launched another spin-off series, “Trailer Park Boys: Jail”, then he switched from his usual portrayal of Rick and landed the role of John Andrew McGinnis in the drama movie “Dawn, Her Dad and the Tractor”. In 2022 he is set to appear in the comedy/ crime film “Vandits”.

Personal life

Even though Robb is a well-known celebrity in Canada and the US, he has managed to keep most of his private matters away from the public eye. According to sources, he’s never been married or engaged. In 2013, he posted a photo of himself and the blogger and gamer Jeanna Harrison, which sparked rumors about their alleged relationship. However, Robb never disclosed any information or confirmed the rumors. At the moment, it’s believed that he’s single.


In 2013, the magic trio Mike, John and Robb, purchased the rights to the show from the original producers, and in 2014, they launched two movies, “Swearnet” and “Swearnet Live”. Following the movies’ enormous success and positive reception, they founded the eponymous website and movie/television studio also known as ‘Home of the Trailor Park Boys’. It features a variety of content, shows and podcasts, which is exclusive to website subscribers. Additionally, fans can receive information regarding upcoming projects, tour dates, and merchandise. Their official Instagram account has over 200,000 followers.

What is his net worth?

Robb’s estimated net worth is around $2.5 million, acquired from his acting career, the website, and merchandise.


Physical statistics and Trivia

Robb is 6ft 1in tall (185cm) and weighs around 115lbs (68kgs). His hair is dark brown, further adorned with blue eyes.

Robb is a distant cousin of the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, who was in office from 2006 to 2015.

Is he active on social media?

It seems that Robb is not a fan of social platforms. He has a Twitter account with over 100,000 followers, but it appears inactive, as his last post was made in 2014 – Robb doesn’t use Instagram or Facebook, but his fans can keep up with his upcoming projects on the official Instagram account for “Trailer Park Boys”, and the “Swearnet” website.

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