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March 13, 2024
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Richard Lugner was born on the 11th October 1932 in Vienna, Austria, and is a businessman, entrepreneur as well as a politician, who is most famous for being the owner of Lugner City, one of Vienna’s most prestigious shopping malls. Apart from this, he is also widely recognized as a society figure as well as a 1998 Austrian presidential candidate.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this construction industry mogul has accumulated so far? How rich Richard Lugner is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Richard Lugner’s net worth, as of mid-2017, exceeds the sum of $160 million, acquired primarily through his career in the construction business which has been active since 1962.

Richard Lugner Net Worth $160 million

Lugner dived into the building business in 1962, when he obtained his building contractor license. In the beginning, he was fully focused on constructing filling stations, but over the years expanded his area of interest and widened his business to renovating old and historical buildings and palaces. Lugner came to prominence in 1979, when he completed the first mosque in the history of Vienna, located on the Danube River bank. All these engagements provided the basis for Richard Lugner’s net worth which nowadays represents quite an impressive sum.

In 1990, Richard Lugner opened Lugner City, his own shopping mall which created a genuine revolution in shopping habits of Austrians as well as marketing and business in general. Opened for customers six days a week, Richard gained his reputation for accommodating numerous international celebrities and taking them to the prestigious annual Vienna Opera Ball including, among plenty of others, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Pamela Anderson, Dita von Teese as well as Harry Belafonte, Roger Moore and more recently the Kardashians. It is certain that all these ventures have helped Richard Lugner to dramatically increase not only his popularity but also the sum of his wealth.

In the late 1990s, Lugner put some efforts towards politics – he participated in the 1998 presidential election, winning fourth place with over 9,9% of votes. However, in comparison to his business prosperity, his political career wasn’t so successful – in the 1999 parliamentary elections, his “Die Unabhängigen” (“The Independents”) platform won only slightly over 1% of votes, while in the 2016 presidential elections Richard Lugner ended in the sixth place, with 2.3% of votes. Regardless, all these enterprises have made an impact on Richard Lugner’s net worth.

Additionally, Richard Lugner has also appeared in several TV projects, such as his own reality show “Die Lugners” (“The Lugners”) as well as “Tohuwabohu”, “Hi Society” and “Lugner am Opernball” TV series. It is certain that these on-camera appearances boosted Lugner’s fame and his net worth too.

When it comes to his personal life, Richard Lugner has married six times – firstly from 1961 to 1978 to Christine, then between 1979 and 1983 to Cornelia Hahn with whom he welcomed two children. In 1983 he married SuzanneDietrich, which ended with her death in 1989. Between 1990 and 2007, Lugner welcomed one more child from marriage with Christina. His fourth child comes from his marriage with Sonja Jeannine, while since 2014 he has been married to 57-years younger ex-Playboy bunny Cathy Schmitz.

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