Donald Abbey Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Donald Abbey was born in the United States of America, and is a businessman, best known for founding the real estate development and investment firm The Abbey Company in 1990. He’s responsible for managing numerous real estate properties around the country. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

Donald Abbey Net Worth $800 Million

How rich is Donald Abbey? As of mid-2017, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $800 million, mostly earned through success in the real estate industry. The Abbey Company oversees at least 64 properties with over 6 million square feet of space. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Donald was already a real estate veteran when he founded The Abbey Company in 1990. Prior to the company’s creation, he apparently already had 33 years of experience nationally in real estate. The company started focusing its operations in Southern California, creating multi-tenant commercial properties, and has since expanded to other parts of the state including Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento. Donald serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company and the company handles various aspects of real estate ownership. This includes management, construction, acquisitions, and in-house leasing.

Abbey has helped the company improve and become successful over the years, increasing his net worth significantly. The company focuses a lot on market research. Account managers of the company also consist of high ranking officials within the organization. They’ve also expanded their portfolio to include retail, industrial, office and aviation-related properties. According to reports, the company has over 80 real estate executives and more than 1400 tenants across all of their properties.

A few of Donald’s biggest projects with the company include the creation of two mansions that are estimated to have cost of $200 million; construction of these mansions took a total of 18 years. One is a 3,400 square foot 8 acre estate located in Bradbury while another is a 24,000 square foot home located in Flathead, Montana. The Bradbury Estate was listed in 2012 at the cost of $78.8 million while the home in Flathead was listed at $78 million. The Bradbury Estate is part of a gated community. The estate includes a 1,000 gallon trout pond, an underground firing range, a gym, movie theatre, and pool house. Reports however, have shown that the value of the estate has since dived down to $48 million in 2016 which has affected Donald’s net worth somewhat. The Montana home is located on an entire island which Donald owns. The house is now at a reduced price of $44.5 million. The Bradbury Estate was later purchased after a Notice of Default filed against Donald, but details of the transaction of the estate has not been detailed.

For his personal life, unsurprisingly it is known that Abbey likes to spend a lot of money on his lifestyle. However, he also once donated $3.5 million to fund an overhaul of his former university frathouse. Not much is listed about any of his family online.

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