Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth

December 9, 2023
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Paul Tudor Jones II is a Memphis, Tennessee-born American businessman who is perhaps better known for being the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation. Born on 28th September 1954, Paul is one of the richest people in the world at the present; he has been active in his career as an entrepreneur and businessman since 1980.

One of the very successful businessmen in the world, one may wonder how rich is Paul Tudor at the present? As estimated by authoritative sources, Paul Tudor counts his net worth at an amount of $4.6 billion as of mid-2016, making him the 108th richest American and 345th richest person in the world. His successful business ventures including Tudor Investment Corporation have been the most significant in adding to his wealth over the years. Also, his initial career as a commodity broker at E.F Hutton & Co. laid a significant basis to his net worth.

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth $4.6 billion

Raised in Memphis, Paul was educated at Presbyterian Day School, and he later matriculated from Memphis University School. Following his strong interest in business and economics, Tudor continued his higher education at the University of Virginia from where he graduated with a degree in economics. Next, he started working as a broker at E.F Hutton & Co., and after some time worked as an independent broker for two years.

Following his career as a broker, Paul wanted to continue his studies and was admitted at Harvard Business School. However, he dropped his idea to go back to school and instead founded an investment company named Tudor Investment Corporation in 1980. At the present, this corporation is one of the biggest asset management companies in the world, contributing very significantly to his net worth.

Tudor is noted popularly for his ability to predict “Black Monday” in 1987, when he managed to triple his money in a short period of time. At the present, Paul is widely known for his macro trades, his bets on swings in interest rates and currencies. His trading ideas and secrets have been very popular, to the extent where a documentary film has been produced based on his trading career, entitled “Trader: The Documentary”. Of course, being a part of these big projects has been very significant in enriching Paul’s net worth over the years.

Regarding his personal life, 61 years-old Paul has been leading his married life with Sonia Klein since 1988; the couple has four children. He is politically independent but has helped in fundraising and donating to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns in different years.

As much as being a trader, Paul is also globally noted for his philanthropic activities. He is the founder of the Robin Hood Foundation which is funded basically by hedge fund operators, which works for the betterment of children and the poor. Paul has also made some large donations to the University of Virginia, his alma mater, and other educational institutions. Adding to this, Paul served as the moderator in the education panel at 2014 Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit where US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Governor were also present. Moreover, Paul has served as the former chairman of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Everglades Foundation where he serves as the present chairman.

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