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March 31, 2023
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Dude Perfect is an entertainment and sports group consisting of five members: Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Cory Cotton and Coby Cotton. In 2008, they launched their channel entitled Dude Perfect, and to date their channel has more than 24 million subscribers, and more than 4.2 billion views have been counted. The  group is mostly known for their perfectly made trick shots as well as making fun of common stereotypes from the world of sports. The activities of the Dude Perfect group have become a rich source of their wealth.

So just how much is the net worth of the Dude Perfect? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the wealth of the sports, entertainment and comedy group is as much as $25 million, as of late 2017.

Dude Perfect Net Worth $25 Million

To begin with, all the members of the band were high school basketball players. Later, they studied at Texas A&M University, and shared rooms together. Everything started with the fun bet, making basketball shots in order to win sandwiches, just having fun in the backyard of Tyler, but which was recorded and posted on their YouTube channel. It took just a week to receive more than 100,000 views, so they quickly understood that it was possible to earn a considerable profit making things just for fun. Later, they posted a trick shot video, which resulted in more than 14 million views, from which Dude Perfect donated to a child from Compassion International for every 100,000 views.

Afterwards, the group made a segment for ESPN, which was a world record shot that took 3.9 seconds to travel, which attracted the attention of many television networks. To add more, Panda mascot has been introduced by Dude Perfect. Consequently, Dude Perfect was signed to a number of professional endorsements and commercial deals that evolved into a very successful career for the group. They worked with the professional basketball player Tyreke Evans (Sacramento Kings, NBA), professional bowler Jason Belmonte, professional NFL football player Johnny Manziel (Cleveland Browns, NFL), country singer Tim McGraw, professional racer Ricky Stenhouse (NASCAR) and other celebrities. What is more, they were continually setting new records for the longest lasting basketball shots, including successfully making one from a 1. 71m high tower, though it was not recognized officially. Regardless, their collective net worth rose steadily.

It should be said that there were many rumours flying around about the legitimacy or authenticity of the performed tricks. The morning television show “Good Morning America” aired on ABC has shown a segment about the flying rumours, although there was no evidence that the tricks were not real. Despite this, Dude Perfect band was happy about it, as any sort of advertising is good advertising. More and more people became interested in what they are doing, and as a result, they attracted more viewers and especially subscribers which increased the outright size of Dude Perfect’s net worth.

The video game entitled “Dude Perfect” (2013) has been launched, suitable for both Android and iOS, and further, the book “Go Big” written by Cory Cotton was published the same year. The popularity of the group is continuing to rise every day, and along with it their net worth.

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