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April 18, 2024
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Paul Rubenfeld was born on the 27th August, 1952 in Peekskill, New York State, USA. Known professionally as Paul Reubens, he is a comedian, actor, writer, producer and game show host, whose greatest claim to fame is that he is the creator and performer of the famous character Pee-Wee Herman. Paul Reubens has been accumulating his net worth being active in the entertainment industry since 1977.

How much is the net worth of Paul Reubens? Under the latest estimations his wealth is as much as $5 million, accumulated during his career now spanning almost 40 years.

Paul Reubens Net Worth $5 Million

Paul Reubens grew-up in Florida, where he attended Sarasota High School, afterwards studying at Northewestwrn and Boston Universities, but also auditioning for acting schools, eventually entering the California Institute of the Arts. In the 1970s, Reubens began building his net worth by playing in local dinner theatre, and making four guest appearances on “The Gong Show”. He then joined the Los Angeles improvisational theatre team, The Groundlings, where he remained a member for six years, working with Bob McClurg, John Paragon, Susan Barnes, and Phil Hartman.

At that time Reubens began wrtting sketches, and developed his improvisational skills. Together with Hartman he created the character of Pee-Wee Herman, who is an eccentric happy-go-lucky man-child, wearing a skimpy little gray suit and a red bow tie. This character became a cult figure for several decades, and added huge sums to the total size of Paul Reubens’ net worth. Subsequently he made countless appearances in the television series “The Pee-wee Herman Show”(1981–1984), the adventure comedy film “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”(1985) directed by Tim Burton, and the children’s television series “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”(1986–1990).

On the 26th July, 1991, Reubens was arrested in Sarasota Florida for masturbating in an adult theatre projecting Nurse Nancy. News and media were seized with a frenzy and the scandal marked the death of the character of Pee-Wee Herman; the “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” series was already fixed at the time of this story, but CBS, put an end to the already scheduled reruns. Reubens then made an agreement with the Court of the County of Sarasota in exchange for a fine and a few announcements on public service, and Reubens kept a clean record.

Interestingly, Reubens appeared in the character of Pee-Wee on 5th September, 1991, at the MTV Video Music Awards, where he received a standing ovation when he asked the audience his famous quote: “Have you heard good jokes lately?” Reubens was arrested again in 2002 for involvement in a paedophile pornography case. Moreover, it coincided with another case involving the same type actor Jeffrey Jones. The press had doubts about this story, suggesting that paedophiles’ pornographic materials have not been acquired by Reubens intentionally, knowing he declared to be an avid collector of erotic art. On 22nd March, 2004, the charges against him in this case were lifted after he agreed to plead guilty for sexual molestation. In 2004, Paul Reubens said he was working on several television projects and films. Reubens has also confirmed that the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse film project was very close to its realization.

In June 2006, Cartoon Network started an advertising campaign for its “Adult Swim” show. Afterwards, 45 new episodes were aired from Monday to Thursday, with several other film projects around the character of Pee-Wee being suited mostly for adults. Later, Reubens relaunched his career as a Peewee Herman and gave more and more interviews in TV shows and in the press. From the 26th October, 2010 to January 2, 2011, a show “The Wee Herman Pee-show on Broadway” was performed at the Broadway Stephen Sondheim Theatre.

Overall, Paul Reubens has been involved in more than 30 films and over 40 TV productions, plus video games – all have contributed steadily to his net worth.

Talking about the personal relationships of Paul Reubens, he has dated Brooke Ashley, Charlene Gail Chandi Heffner and Debi Mazar, among others, although he has never married.

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