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February 23, 2023
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Tracy DiMarco was born on 14 November 1987, in Summit, New Jersey USA, and is a reality television personality and hairstylist, best known for being part of the hit reality show “Jerseylicious” aired on the Style Network. She was with the show for its entire run, but all of her endeavors have helped put her net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Tracy DiMarco? As of late-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $400,000, mostly earned through her success on reality television. She’s been a part of several television specials and has been featured as part of the Style Network before the company became defunct. As she continues her endeavors it is expected that her wealth will increase.

Tracy DiMarco Net Worth $400,000

Tracy started to become well known after appearing in the show “Jerseylicious”, which follows the staff of the Gatsby Salon in New Jersey. It is categorized as a docusoap series, that started airing in March 2010, and it was the time that Style Network was still active.

“Jerseylicious” follows six stylists, and it started airing after the multimillion-dollar renovation of the salon. The show mainly focuses on Tracy and Olivia Blois Sharpe, but other cast members included Gigi Liscio, Christy Pereria, Alexa Prisco, Gayle Giacomo, and Anthony Lombardi., and there were also numerous recurring guests in the show. During the airing of the sixth season in 2013, the Esquire Network took over the Style which led to the show being aired only in select countries. However, the show also had a spin-off entitled “Glam Fairy” that started in 2011, and it focused on Alexa Prisco but it lasted for only two seasons.

DiMarco became known as one of the more confrontational members of the staff which led her to clash with other staff members. She worked at Gatsby Salon and the sister company Glam Fairy. During the end of the fourth season of the show, she became engaged to her boyfriend, and the final season showcased their wedding. She now works as part of Anthony Robert Salon and is also employed by a local New Jersey magazine, boih of which contribute to her net worth.

Aside from “Jerseylicious”, Tracy has appeared in various E! Network shows and Style Network specials. In 2014, she became part of the E! True Hollywood Story entitled “Life After Reality”; which focused on her life after the end of “Jerseylicious”. Aside from these, Tracy is very popular on social media, having 150,000 followers on Twitter, regularly updating her page mostly with promotions from sponsors. She also has a Facebook page with over 57,000 likes but it hasn’t been updated since late 2014. Her Instagram account has over 561,000 followers and it is regularly updated.

For her personal life, it is known that she is married to Corey Epstein and they have two children. Her daughter is popular Instagram model Skylar James. The popularity of her daughter through Instagram has brought in numerous sponsorships from various companies. She also mentioned that she likes long sleeves, has a lot of over-the-knee boots, and her favorite color is green.

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  1. New baby coming May 2018 nickname ACE. also has daughter Jayden gene Epstein. Very well know for confrontation via instagram

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