Debi Mazar Net Worth

May 19, 2023
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Deborah Mazar was born on the 15th August 1964, in Jamaica, Queens, New York City USA of Jewish, Latvian and American descent. She is an actress who has landed a number of Jersey girl-type roles in feature and television films as well as television series. Debi Mazar has been accumulating her net worth being active in the entertainment industry since 1981.

How rich is the actress? It has been estimated that the overall size of Debi Mazar’s net worth is equal to $7.5 million, as of the data presented in 2016.

Debi Mazar Net Worth $7.5 Million

Firstly, Debi Mazar pursued her career as a hip-hop girl based in the city of New York. Her first appearance on television was in a hip-hop pilot program “Graffiti Rock” in 1984. Then, she appeared in four music videos by the famous singer Madonna – “Papa Do not Preach” (1986), “True Blue” (1986), “Deeper and Deeper” (1992) and “Music” (2000). Mazar has also worked as an actress in the films “Goodfellas” (1990) co-written and directed by Martin Scorsese, “The Doors” (1991) co-written and directed by Oliver Stone, “Bullets Over Broadway” (1994) co-written and directed by Woody Allen as well as “Batman Forever” (1995) directed by Joel Schumacher.

Debi gained prominence with the main role in the series “Civil Wars” (1991 – 1993). Later, she continued to work on another series, “The Law of Los Angeles” (1993 – 1994) which was very popular at the time, winning 15 Emmy Awards. To add more, the actress appeared in the popular series “Friends” (2002), “7th Heaven” (2003), “CSI: Miami” (2004) among others. Mazar played the role of Doreen in “The Witch” (2003), a pregnant mad-woman who shares the hospital room with Rachel. In 2000 and 2002 she played Jackie in the drama series “That’s Life”, and in 2004, she joined the cast of the series “Entourage”, an original comedy of HBO. She has also played a role in the sitcom “Living with Fran” (2005 – 2006) as Merrill, the premium character of Fran Drescher. Also she participated in the series “Ugly Betty” (2006), in the role of Leah Stillman.

Later, Debi starred in the main cast of the feature films “A Beautiful Life” (2008), “The Women” (2008), “Lovelace” (2013) and “Return to Babylon” (2013). In 2015, she starred in the comedy film, a continuation of the series “Entourage” written, produced and directed by Doug Ellin. Currently, she is the regular actress in the single-camera comedy-drama television series “Younger” (2015 – present) created by Darren Star. To cut a long story short, all the roles she has created on television and cinema have added sums to the total size of Debi Mazar net worth as well as increased her popularity.

Finally, in the personal life of the actress, she was in a long term relationship with the actor Paul Reubens, yet they split up. In 2002, Debi married the celebrity cook Gabriele Corcos (Italian), and they have two daughters; they have two residences – one in Brooklyn, New York and another in Florence, Italy.

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